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Novdember 11th, the day we set aside to honor our veterans and those serving in the U.S. military, is quickly approaching. At Hapari, we’re excited to honor and celebrate veterans on this special day! As a token to the those who serve and the sacrifices their families make, we’ve created a list of  Five Ways to Honor Veterans Day this year. We hope this list can be a great reminder about the importance behind this special day!

Be Sure To Show Your Veterans Day Pride

It’s also a great educational tool to introduce kids to the meaning behind Veterans Day. Include them in the fun, and help show them ways they can celebrate and honor Vets on this day, too!

1) Pin it! Start the holiday off by pinning a yellow ribbon to your shirt. Yellow ribbons signify the remembrance and love of a service member. Your kids will love wearing these to school and can teach their friends about the meaning too.

Woman writing

2) Thank You Card. Write a thank you card to a Veteran. Taking the time to write to a service member not only brightens the day of the recipient, it helps you remember the reasons you’re thankful for his or her service. If you don’t know a veteran personally, visit your local VA hospital to drop it off there. Get your kids in on the fun! Have them write a card or draw a picture to drop off to a veteran.

Little girl Writing

3) Organize a care-package packing party.  There are many men and women currently deployed around the world. Celebrate them by getting a group of friends together to make care packages. If you don’t know someone currently stationed overseas, contact a nearby base or an organization like Blue Star Moms to identify troops in need.

People Volunteering at a Packing Party

4) Visit a veterans’ hospital. This is a great way to honor veterans in your city or home town. Bring the kiddos and visit a local VA hospital to thank and talk with veterans on this special day. They’ll love hearing from you and you’re likely to hear some fascinating stories about their time in the service.

Lady Visiting a Veteran at a Hospital

5) Attend a Veterans Day event! Around the U.S., there are many Veterans Day events celebrating this special day. Find events and celebrations in your local newspaper. Can’t find one or can’t get the day off work? Why not host a Veterans Day event at home? Invite a veteran over for a meal and conversation.

Veterans at a Parade

We hope these ideas inspire you to honor and celebrate Veterans Day this year! Have other ideas or know of exciting events going on? Let us know! We’d love to share information with our Hapari community.

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