hen you’re heading to the pool or beach for some fun in the sun, make sure it’s just that by remembering to pack entertainment, sun protection food and drinks and something to sit on. Here are a few ideas to maximize your pool or beach experience:

Sun Protection

The powerful is sun is nothing to mess with and with 3.5 million new cases of skin cancer diagnosed annually, it’s more important than ever to remember different types of sun protection. For starters remember UVA/UVB full spectrum sunscreen. You can even read our blog post about how to make it yourself. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your entire body including your scalp, ears and the tops of your hands and feet. Lip balm or chap-stick that contains SPF is good for you lips. The sun is most intense between 10 AM to 4PM so remember and umbrella or shade structure you can escape to. A hat, polarized sunglasses and a swimming suit cover-up are also necessities.

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Tankini Top and Swim Coverup


Pools and beaches open a wide variety of opportunities to play. Soccer, footballs, Frisbees and badminton are all great beach activities. Swimming pool games like volleyball, sharks and minos, Marco Polo and relay races will keep kids entertained for hours.  If you are heading near water to relax remember to pack a book or your kindle. If you need recommendations, read TIME’s Best Books of All Time or New York Times Best Sellers. If you’re into music don’t forget an iPod and portable speaker or headphones.

Food and Drinks

Staying hydrated while you’re in the sun will keep your energy levels high. Remember to always bring re-useable water bottle. Besides water there are many snacks that can keep you hydrated like watermelon, cucumber, apples, bell peppers, pineapples, grapefruit and carrots. Coconut water contains natural electrolytes so after you (or your kids) have been playing in the sun it’s a good way to replenish. Some other good snacks to bring to the beach that won’t spoil are frozen grapes, trail mix, pretzels and popcorn.

Sitting Apparatus

Maybe your pool already has lounge chairs but don’ forget a towel to place over the chair for extra comfort. An extra towel or blanket also comes in handy at the beach. There are a variety of good chairs to bring to the beach. A backpack chair, one that you can carry on your back is nice when you’re hands are full. A canopy beach chair already has a shade structure built into it and folding chairs that are made out of fabric are easy to carry.

When heading to the pool or beach remember to throw away your garbage and recycle. The great outdoors are good to you and it’s important to leave as little trace as possible.

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