Kids In Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is a time-honored, highly-anticipated tradition for many in the U.S., and gorging on candy is unfortunately a large part of the holiday. However, I think we can tweak that last part a bit, so October 31st continues to be filled with fun, costumes and excitement, with candy quietly taking its retirement from the spotlight. It’s 2015, we don’t need to tell you yet again about the harmful effects of processed sugar which can lead to the high obesity rates and hyperactivity. You get it. Candy is not healthy for you or your kids; especially when it’s done handfuls at a time which is often the case this time of year.

I know, I know you don’t want to be the curmudgeon of the neighborhood who gives out dental floss to excited trick-or-treaters. But, just because you don’t give out candy, doesn’t mean your treats have to be lame. Here are three FUN alternatives to giving away candy in a couple of weeks, that will have your trick-or-treaters just as, if not more, excited than receiving their 100th tootsie roll.

Alternative Halloween Treats for Kids

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos are SO fun for your kiddos. They are going to flip out. No really, try putting it on your kid and see if they don’t look at and comment on the tattoo every few minutes. Not only is it fun and interactive, but there are awesome, creative temporary tattoos available, especially for Halloween. A few of our favorites come from Tattly, Tattoo For a Week and Oriental Trading. Try Amazon or your local party store for a wider selection.

Temporary Tattoo of a Gosht

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Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are so practical for Halloween! They will help keep trick-or-treaters safe by providing an extra bit of light while walking the neighborhood and are incredibly fun to kids and parents alike. The best part? They’re inexpensive. We found this tube of 100 glow sticks on Amazon for around $9. We also found glowing eyeglasses, swords, bracelets and necklaces via for reasonable prices as well.

Glow Sticks

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Costume Accessories

Why not give away a few costume accessories so trick-or-treaters can step up their look on the spot? There are so many fun items like cooky eye patches, glow-in-the-dark vampire fangs, magic wands or princess tiaras. Browse through for a plethora of fun, inexpensive options. Giving accessories like this encourages creativity and interaction. It’s silly - and definitely gives kids longer lasting satisfaction than a piece of candy.

Vampire's Fangs Costume Accessories

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If you’re ready to help Halloween evolve as a holiday, try mixing up your usual candy-giving routine for something a little more creative. Anything along the lines of what you’d give away in a goodie bag for a kids party is perfect. The more interactive, the better. We hope you found these three ideas helpful as a start! Enjoy Halloween!

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