Friends at a Tailgate Party

Back-to-school also means the return of college football. To celebrate, we've created a list of tailgate party ideas. If you hail from a college town, the return of football season may be equivalent to the start of a new holiday (but one that happens every Saturday!). Even if you don’t love college football, throwing a tailgate party with friends and family is a great way to bond and spend time together.

Tailgate food


Like many events, tailgating parties are centered around food — a lot of food. One of the most important things to remember is that the food needs to be portable, non-perishable and able to easily share with large numbers of people. Foods like sliders, sandwiches, chicken wings and veggie trays are great for large groups. It also makes for easy clean up before heading to the big game. Try sending out food assignments to your tailgate group to make meals easier. You can even make a contest out of it! See who can bring the most creative football-inspired food item. {Image via Pizzazzerie}


Women Playing Cornhole

In most cases, tailgate parties start hours prior to kick-off. That means you’re going to be hanging out in the tailgate lot for a long time. Of course eating and enjoying time together is always number one, but having a few games available means everyone has something to do. If you bring your kiddos to the tailgate, you’ll definitely want to bring games. One of my personal favorite is corn hole. You can make your own corn hole game very easily by following our instructions below. {Image via Forrent}


  • 2 pieces of ply wood
  • 1 2x4 cut into 4 parts
  • 4 bean bags


Cut a 6” circle towards the top of each plywood piece. Connect two of the 2x4 pegs to the top of each plywood; creating a slope from the top to the bottom of the plywood. Paint if desired. Done!


Tailgate Table Decorated

It’s all about the decor, baby! Creating a welcoming, fun and exciting atmosphere starts with the decor and presentation. Like we mentioned before regarding food, send out decor assignments. Maybe one person can be in charge of the placemat and another in charge of the centerpiece, etc. Dividing the workload means the host doesn’t get burned out week after week. Some of our favorite decor ideas? Incorporating grass turf, team signage, and team colors throughout the decor.{Image via Buzz Feed}

No matter who you’re rooting for (Go Utah Utes!), tailgate parties can create lasting memories. We hope these ideas inspire you to gather your friends and family to celebrate before game day.

If you try one of our Hapari tailgate party ideas, send us a pic of you and your tailgate group! We’d love to share your photos and thoughts with our Hapari community!

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