We’re in the full swing of summer and that means your whole family needs a swimsuit. Lucky for you we recently released our new HAPARI swimwear line for girls! This new option complements our women’s collection and our junior’s collection. Now, all the ladies in your family can wear a HAPARI suit—you can even get matching ‘Mommy and me’ or coordinating swimsuits as well. 

The tricky part about shopping for kid’s swimwear is knowing what size to get (kids grow so fast!) and which features are most important. In today’s post, we’re answering those questions and sharing our how-to guide for buying girls bathing suits. Check it out!

 Features to Look for in Kids Swimwear

Although it may seem like it, not all kid’s swimwear is created equally. There are important features to look for when shopping for swimwear for your kids—factors like level of sun protection, durability, comfort, and design will all make a big difference in keeping your kids safe, protected, and comfortable. And, the better your kids are taken care of, the more likely a day at the beach won’t result in a meltdown. That’s a win in everyone’s book, right?!

Here’s a quick list of what to look for and why it’s important:

  • Sun protection: Protecting your kids from harmful UVA and UVB rays is the top priority when it comes to swimwear. Make sure to check the garment label to know what protection, if any, your kid’s swimsuit provides. At HAPARI we create all our swimwear with UV 50+ protection—which means, along with standard sunscreen practices, your kids will have additional protection against harmful sun rays. If your kid’s swimsuit doesn’t offer this added protection, it’s likely time to shop for a new suit.

  • Durability: We all know how hard kids are on clothes. The cute little buggers can figure out how to create a hole in cheap fabric in minutes. Finding a durable, quality swimsuit for your kids is a must. A quality suit will fit better and last longer. And, for a swimsuit, that’s a big deal because kids notoriously play hard at the pool and the beach, putting their swimwear through the ultimate durability test. So, pick a quality swimsuit for your kids that will last at least a season—hopefully two!

  • Comfort: When your kids are uncomfortable, ain’t nobody is comfortable! Amiright?! Your kid’s comfort is key if you don’t want to hear whining and complaints. It’s understandable—wearing an uncomfortable or ill-fitting swimsuit is not an enjoyable experience. Make sure your kid’s suit is made well and the sizing is correct; both of those spell more comfort for your kiddo. A comfortable suit means a happy kid!

  • Style + design: Lastly, style and design is where you can let your kids get involved. Let them pick their preferred style of suit and design or print. By getting your kids involved, they’ll be much more likely to cooperate with putting the suit on—which means beach or pool days will be easier. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.
Two young girls sitting on the edge of a pool facing each other in long sleeve one-piece swimsuits

HAPARI Girls Bathing Suit Styles

We launched our Girls Swimwear collection this year with a marquee piece—the Girls Long-Sleeve One-Piece Swimsuit. This suit is created to match our women’s option of the same name for a ‘Mommy and me’ look. The suit, designed to provide ultimate sun protection, is a one-piece suit with long sleeves, a high-neckline, and an open halter-style back. It’s available in several matching prints including Cuyo Blue, Cuyo Pink, Wylde Pink, and Pixiedust. 

Two little girls wearing long-sleeve one-piece swimsuits laying on their stomachs looking into a pool

Kids Swimwear Sizing

Getting the right fit for your kid’s swimwear is crucial. An ill-fitting suit can throw off even the most well-mannered kid. Check that your kid’s swimsuit isn’t too tight or too loose—it really needs to fit just right. You may be tempted to size up since kids tend to grow like weeds. For swimwear, we advise against this because as swimsuits get wet they can stretch and get slightly bigger. If your kids are between sizing, we advise going with the smaller size to provide the best fit and coverage for the current season. Check out the below sizing chart for more information.

Infographic chart showing toddler and girls swimwear sizing and a picture of two toddlers with their feet in the pool

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