Burger on a Table Recipe and photo provided by Sprouted Kitchen, recipe barely adapted from The New Persian Kitchen by Louisa Shafia, Shape Magazine Online

Sometimes a girl just needs a big, fat, juicy burger. That's right...I said it. A burger just filled with all those calories and topped off with some pepper jack cheese and a dollop of mayo. And let's not forget the thirst quenching lemonade and the side orders of baked beans and coleslaw. Are you salivating just yet? Mix this in with great friends and possibly a swimming pool and you've got the recipe for an awesome time, with a less awesome waistline. A few of these are sure to revive the long forgotten 'fat pants' you've tucked in the bottom drawer of your Ikea dresser.

I dream of a summer BBQ on hot summer day and a very handsome gentleman in an apron serving me this mouthwatering dish and suddenly I hear screams!  "Snap out of it, woman! You're crazy! You'll get us all fat with thoughts like that!" Bam! I hazily come back to reality sitting at my desk. Yes, that is the introduction to the food fantasy I’ve been having all morning. I type while my stomach rumbles the noises of thunder and suppressed angst. Sadly, it’s not even 10am, nor am I at a BBQ.

With summer running at me like a stampede of six-pack abs, I wonder where do I find the fine line between staying the course of eating healthy and enjoying my summer events? Can you do both? Honestly, I have a habit of restricting myself. I’d follow your invitation to join in some ice cream with a wave of my hand and the typical prudish remark, “Oh, I’ve got to watch my figure.” There's no denying that we can all see that a little drool has come out the side of my mouth as you torture me with your Baskin Robbins. BUT, I've had an awakening. We can enjoy this summer and we can enjoy our food while still being able to look ourselves in the mirror in a swimsuit. It’s about balance…and maybe a brief self-motivating speech in the morning.

So I combed online for inspirational ideas and came across an amazing recipe which combines some of my favorite things like guilt free summer burger recipes…and well, just plain old eating, yet is healthy and light for summer. These are great things to take to a BBQ and also eat in moderation with some of your guilty pleasures. Plus, life should be filled with making room for your favorite things and not seen as restricting yourself, which is often where my “diet” has derailed in the past.

So, here’s to seeing life as a treat, eating right and not denying all of our temptations! ;)

I guess we've got this all figured out...now, where can I find a handsome man in an apron?

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