Chinese Lanterns

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Yesterday kicked off the start of the Chinese New Year! If you haven’t heard it before today, let us be the first person to wish you ‘Gung Hay Fat Choi!’ To celebrate the New Year in Chinese culture, we’re diving into the facts and history behind one of the largest celebrations in the world. Check it out!

History of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year falls on the first lunar moon of the Lunar Calendar (typically around the beginning or middle of February each year) and not only celebrates the Chinese New Year but also marks the beginning of the Spring Festival. The celebration lasts a full 15 days, and the entire country shuts down to celebrate. As is standard in Chinese culture, the family is the most sacred and revered institution; so, many Chinese travel back to their home town or village to celebrate with their families.

Chinese New Year Parade

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Year of the Monkey

Celebrations held around the world will hail the Year of the Monkey! Following the Chinese Zodiac, 2016 marks the 9th animal in the circular series. The Monkey signifies curiosity, innovation, and improvisation as the ‘Monkey’ rules the calendar year. According to the belief, we’re encouraged to take big risks this year for even bigger rewards. Business is set to thrive under the Monkey’s optimistic and cunning influence.

People with Monkey costumes

(Image via London Telegraph)

Lucky Money Red Envelopes

One of the most prominent signs of good luck and fortune is the ‘Red Envelope’, which signifies good luck and fortune in the coming year. People who celebrate give their loved ones, friends and coworkers Red Envelopes filled with money to signify prosperity. Some envelopes can be filled with as much as hundreds of yuan (the Chinese currency) or even just a few coins, either way the of message of good fortune is still the same.

Kid Holding Red Envelopes

(Image via Chinhphu)

Celebrate in Your Town!

We’re ready to celebrate, are you?! Check your local town or city events to find a Chinese New Year festivity near you. From San Francisco’s largest and most well-known celebration to equally massive festivities in major cities like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Outside the U.S., London totes the largest celebration outside of Asia in the world! For our large constituent in Utah, check out this event to go to: Official Celebrations at Cottonwood High School.

America's China Town

(Image via London Unattached)

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