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Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate the many men and women around the world who have fought, and are still fighting, for our freedoms every day. Today, we’re sharing ways to honor veterans with you and your family. Check it out!

History of Veteran’s Day

Before we get to the celebrating, we’re let’s discuss some of the history behind this important day. Veteran’s Day is always celebrated on November 11 because it marks the anniversary of the end of World War I. The day pays tribute to the many veterans who served the United States during war or peacetime, and also honors the family members of veterans for the many sacrifices they make each and every day.

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Another interesting fact, England, Canada, France, and Australia all celebrate their own form of Veteran’s Day on or near November 11 as well. Pretty cool, right?

Celebrate and Honor Veterans

Let’s get to the celebration! Check out the list of ideas below to remember the many sacrifices veterans make for our country (and it’s a great way to educate your kiddos!

 Take a Minute to Reflect

An easy, simple way to honor Veteran’s Day is to take a minute to reflect about what the day means. What does it mean personally to you and your life? What does it mean for your future? Your kids' future? By taking a few minutes to fully understand the significance of the sacrifices these brave men and women make, we honor this important day. Take five minutes with your family on the 11th to share your thoughts and inspirations for the day.

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Volunteer at a VA Hospital

Take the day off work, check the kids out of school, and volunteer at your local Veterans Affairs Hospital for the day. Spending time with veterans on Veteran’s Day can be one of the most impactful and lasting lessons your kids learn about honoring those who serve. The local VA hospital may even offer special volunteer opportunities on this day as a way to make it easy to sign up.

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Thank You Cards

Get your local community to write thank you letters to our men and women in uniform. Talk to your kids school to see if you can get each kid to write a letter and learn of the importance of thanking veterans. Get a church group together to write letters! Ask your neighbors! Ask your family! Writing veterans to thank them and share how much their influence and sacrifices mean to you and your family is a great way to honor them on Veteran’s Day.

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Make a Donation

Limited on time this year but have a few bucks to spare? Find a local charity dedicated to helping veterans and donate. If you’re tight on cash, why not donate the money you would have used during the week on, say, eating out, to donate to the organization. A few of our favorite Veterans Affairs charities are: Hope for the Warriors, Homes for Our Troops, Thanks USA, Fisher House Foundation, and Wounded Warrior Project.  

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Share the Message

Last but not least, take a moment to share the message of Veteran’s Day on November 11. With how easy it is to communicate via social media today, taking a few minutes to write a heartfelt post can be a great way to honor Veterans.

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At HAPARI, we’d like to give a big THANK YOU to our U.S. Veterans. Thank you for all you do for our families, our country, and the world!

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