To celebrate Memorial Day this year, we’re starting a fun challenge—we’re challenging our company and our community (that’s YOU!) to do 5 small acts of kindness. These acts can be anything from helping a neighbor with yard work to picking up the tab for the car behind you in the drive-through. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do; together we can brighten someone else’s day and make the holiday weekend even better!

Now sure where to start? Check out our list of ideas below.

What is a ‘Small Act of Kindness’?

Before we dive into our list of ideas, let’s touch on what a ‘small act of kindness’ entails. It’s simple—it’s doing a small act to purposefully make someone else’s day better. It can be anything! The best part is it doesn’t have to be a large coordinated effort, in fact the easier and more simple, the better. It should be easy for you to do. The goal is for us collectively as a community, a society, to lift each other up by being kind and considerate to each other. We love the concept and are excited to start this challenge with you!

The list of ideas below are categorized by the types of acts you can do:

1. Acts to do throughout your day

Looking for a small act you can do as you go about your day? This list covers just that! Take a moment in your day to intentionally make someone else’s day better, here’s some ideas on how to do that:

  • Open the door for someone. Open the door for someone behind you. Take a few minutes to ask them about their day.
  • Let a fellow driver merge into your lane. We get it; road rage is real, but it’s a choice, isn’t it? We can make driving a little better by driving with kindness.
  • Pick up the drive-through tab. Do you get coffee or lunch throughout the week? Try picking up the tab for the driver behind you. 
  • Help a coworker. Have a new colleague or an intern? Take a few minutes to go the extra mile by showing them the ropes. 
  • Gift cards. If you have extra cash this month, try handing out $5 gift cards to service workers—think police officers, first responders, postal service workers, garbage truck collectors, grocery store clerks, your waiter or waitress, etc. 
Hand grabbing coffee from drive through window

2. Ways to help out your community.

Our community is where we live, where we thrive! Below are ideas for how to help out your community and those around you.

  •  Help a neighbor. If you’re like us, the changing of seasons means a lot of yard work. Spend a few hours helping a neighbor in need with some yard work. Or, grab groceries for an elderly neighbor, or help someone move!
  • Volunteer with a local charity or organization. Find a local charity or organization you're passionate about and spend a few hours volunteering to help out your community.
  • Drop off used items to a second-hand thrift store. Take used clothing items and household goods to your local second-hand thrift store. Plus, get a donation write-off!
  • Clean up a park or common space. Have a local park or common area in your community? Spend some time sprucing it up! 
  • Drop off a meal or treat. Make someone a dinner or drop off a special treat to their house.
Man and woman high five over a moving box

3. Acts for improving mental health. 

Our last section is focused on small acts we can do to improve and check in on each other's mental health. These are easy, simple ways we can check in with our loved ones to make sure they’re doing okay.

  • Send a check in text. Send a check in text to a friend, family member or someone you’ve lost touch with. Ask them how they’re doing and tell them you value your relationship.
  • Call your parents. Give them a call and ask about their day—really listen empathetically and engage in their stories.
  • Thank your tribe. We all have a community of people who support us day-to-day: teachers, childcare providers, coaches, colleagues, mentors, etc. Take a few minutes to thank them for what they do.
  • Praise great work. Write a note to the boss of someone who helps you, and explain how great a job that person is doing.
  • Easily and quickly admit when you’re wrong. Make a mistake throughout the day? Sure, we all do! Instead of getting defensive, just apologize and mean it.
Adult woman talking to elderly woman

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