Beach in Tulum, Mexico

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Who’s ready for a vacation?! It’s that time of year when the winter blues are wearing your soul thin! So, who’s ready to escape for a some warm weather and a weekend getaway? We sure are!

Today’s post features one of the most popular ‘trendy’ vacation spots for Americans: Tulum, Mexico. This destination is popular for a reason; with pearly white beaches to sparkling turquoise waters to ancient Mayan ruins, Tulum is the ideal spot for a weekend getaway.

Check out today’s HAPARI Destination Spotlight: Tulum, Mexico!

Talkin’ Tulum

Tulum (pronounced to0-loom) is a resort town on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, approximately 70 miles from the more well-known resort town of Cancun. Besides the beautiful weather and pristine beaches found all along the Caribbean Coast, Tulum’s special selling point is its 13th-Century walled Mayan archaeological site, Tulum National Park. The park overlooks the sea from a clifftop view that’s breathtaking. (Image via Much Tours)

Ancient Mayan Ruins at Tulum National Park

Top Things to Do in Tulum

Almost convinced Tulum is the place to book your spring-get-away-trip? These top things to do in Tulum may just seal the deal. Check out our favorite five must-do’s while visiting Tulum: (Image via Here And There Without A Care)

Cenotes Sac Actun Caves, Tulum

  1. Ancient Mayan Ruins: Mix history with mystery and make sure to include exploring the ancient Mayan Ruins in Tulum. These 13th-century ruins are a walled structure and sit a top a cliff overlooking the ocean; it’s a must-see!
  2. Playa Paraiso: Playa Paraiso is one of the top five resorts in Tulum. It’s definitely worth a day trip to check out the five star digs!
  3. Cenotes Sac Actun Caves: These underwater caves are a must-see for your trip. Once you’re in Tulum, it’s fairly easy to find a guide to take you to the caves via either scuba diving or snorkeling tours.
  4. The FOOD: If you love Mexican food and seafood, you’ve come to the right place. Make sure to try the tacos at Antojitos La Chiapaneca and the Ceviche at El Camello!
  5. Hartwood Tulum: Dine at one of the most famous restaurants in Tulum. Just be prepared for the hour-long wait to get in!

HAPARI Swim Picks for Tulum

Drawing from Tulum’s bright pops of ocean blues and swirls of white sandy beaches, our top swim picks for Tulum all feature the new 2016 Bloomburst print. This print combines the tropical flora and the majestic colors of Tulum in one stunning design. Wear this print in popular bikini, tankini, or tankini dress styles.

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Bloomburst Push Up Bikini, Bloomburst V-Neck Tankini Top and  Bloomburst Tankini Dress

(Left to Right: Bloomburst Push Up Bikini, Bloomburst V-Neck Tankini Top, Bloomburst Tankini Dress)

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