Today, we’re featuring innovative decorating ideas to help you spruce up your space. Whether you’re looking to bring some of the bright colors of summer indoors or just change up your decor, we’ve compiled a list of inexpensive DIY design ideas to inspire you.

Check out HAPARI’s Innovative and Inexpensive Decorating Ideas below!


Stikwood (one of my favorite new design products!) is the first item in our HAPARI DIY Design list. Like it’s name, Stikwood is a wood plank designed to stick right onto a wall, door, or any other flat surface. It takes the current wood wall trend and makes it fast, easy and environmentally friendly. I love this idea and can’t wait to try it on an accent wall at my place! (Image via Stikwood)

Woman working on a Stikwood Wall

Wall Design Decals

Continuing on with designs for the walls, next on our list is Wall Design Decals. New to the market are these sticker-like wall decals designed to replace painting and add options to easily switch up the look of a space. It’s nice there are so many new products designed for temporary spaces; they’re perfect for apartments! Check out the design option we picked below. There are a ton of different companies offering a multitude of design options. (Image via WallTat)

Wall with Design Decal

Colorful Throw Pillows

Looking for a really easy way to bring vibrant summer colors indoors? Add new throw pillows. Using bright, colorful throw pillows can add new life and energy to a room. You can also try using pillows with varying textures to add dimension to the space. This may be the easiest solution for a quick room upgrade. Give it a try! (Image via AliExpress)

Couch with Colorful Throw Pillows

Bathroom Re-Do: Switch the Towels

The bathroom is a space that I’m constantly trying to update. It’s a space that guests see and use every time they come over. It’s a high-traffic room similar to the kitchen, and therefore requires quite a bit of attention - at least in my mind. :) One of the easiest things I like to do to give the room a ‘facelift’ is to switch the towel color. Swapping gray towels in the winter for bright yellow towels in the summer it an easy change that makes a huge impact in the space. Next time you’re looking to give your bathroom an update - try switching the towel colors first. (Image via Viss Biz)

Bathroom with Colorful Towels

Change Your Artwork

Most of us hang art on our walls and keep it up for years and years. Why shouldn’t our artwork change with our decor? It makes sense to keep photos and art current to the season and with up-to-date images. I like the idea of constantly surrounding your space with inspiring work. Try switching up your artwork for a quick fix to your design needs. (Image via Readers)

Artwork Laying Against the Wall

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