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It’s summer! Get ready for long, hot days filled with outdoor activities, lots of adventures with the kiddos and nights spent outside on the patio. Ahhh ... it’s truly a joyous time of year, isn’t it? While summer is definitely the stuff of dreams, it can be a nightmare for your hair.  (Image via Beauty Craze)

The intense heat and beating sun can cause varying levels of sun damage; a condition most of us don’t even know happens to hair. Sun damage causes hair to be fine, brittle, discolored, and can also lead to an increase in broken or split ends. Damage from the sun can also make hair make roots more oily.

To help you fight the affects of summer’s heat on your hair, we’re showing you a HAPARI DIY on how to make dry shampoo at home. Dry shampoo can combat the increase in oils produced at your roots during high temperatures. It can also help you go more days without styling your hair and thus preventing unnecessary heat damage.

Check out the recipe below for HAPARI’S DIY: Make Dry Shampoo at Home

HAPARI DIY: Make Dry Shampoo Recipe

Hair Beauty Shot

Now, if you’ve ever used dry shampoo before, you know there’s a kind specifically for light hair colors and a kind specifically for dark hair colors. Technically, you can use either for your hair (they do the same thing) but if you have dark hair and use a dry shampoo for light hair, the spray will make your roots look light gray - not something we’re aiming for!  (Image via Cool Health Guidelines)

The only difference in the recipes is that for light hair use flour instead of cocoa powder. That’s an easy swap in order to make recipes for all hair types!


  • 2 Tbsp Cornstarch
  • 2 Tbsp Cocoa (for dark hair) or 2 Tbsp Flour (for light hair)
  • 2-3 Drops of Essential Oils


Dry Shampoo Ingredients

Simply combine materials in a mixing bowl and whisk until evenly distributed.

Applying dry shampoo is easy - just make sure your hair is dry before using (hence the name ‘dry shampoo.’) Use a makeup brush to dab some of the mixture onto your roots. Use fingers to massage into scalp. Continue taking different sections of hair and adding shampoo to the roots. That’s it!

Seems like an easy enough DIY solution for your hair this summer, right? I can’t wait to try this recipe. Let us know how our HAPARI DIY: Make Dry Shampoo at Home recipe works for you!

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