Green Smoothie with Strawberries

Sip Your Way To Healthy Skin with a Beauty Smoothie

With Summer turning to Fall, the weather change can wreak havoc on your skin. Every woman wants that flawless no makeup look and will try endless products that claim to give amazing results. If your normal tips and tricks aren't cutting it, it's time to refresh your beauty routine from the inside out. We all know that getting 8 hours of sleep and drinking lots of water is supposed to help our skin look and feel refreshed. What if that doesn't cut it? We have been testing our smoothie recipes and have created the tastiest and nutritious Beauty Smoothie that is not only good for your skin, but great for your overall health. Keep reading for the recipe and how each ingredient benefits your health in the long run.

HAPARI Beauty Smoothie


1 Cup Coconut Water

1 Cup Coconut Milk or Almond Milk

2 Scoops Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder

1 Cup Organic Spinach Leaves

2 Tablespoons Hemp Seeds

2 Scoops Marine Collagen

1 Cup Frozen Strawberries

2-3 Drops of Stevia

1 Cup Ice


Blend all ingredients together for a jam packed beauty smoothie. Drink right away or freeze inside ice cubes to save and blend for a later date.

Spinach Green Smoothie

Ingredient Breakdown

Coconut Water:

Coconut water is packed with radiant skin loving nutrients like potassium, electrolights, and omega 3. It not only gives your body added nutrients but also aids in hydration. Make sure to get pure coconut water with no added sugar.

Vegan Protein Powder:

Getting enough protein everyday is hard for everyone. One of the easiest ways to up your portion intake is by adding protein powders into your daily routine. There are so many different flavors and brands of protein powder. If the goal is to get some protein & have clear skin, we recommend sticking to vegan based protein powders that are strictly non dairy. A known contributor to acne and breakouts are dairy products so cutting these items out will do wonders for your skin!

Hemp Seeds:

You are really missing out if you haven't heard of hemp seeds. Filled with protein, omegas, iron, and other nutritional minerals, these little nutty seeds really pack a punch. They are virtually tasteless so throwing them into your smoothie adds a crazy amount of nutrients without changing the taste.

Marine Collagen:

Collagen helps promote skin, hair, nails, and joint health. Adding this powder into your daily smoothies can help with anti aging, skin elasticity, and more!

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Model is wearing: White Eclipse Fit Bra // Black Fit Pant

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