Finding swimsuit bottoms with the perfect fit can be a challenge. The right swimsuit bottom cut, coverage, and style can make or break a swimsuit—and how confident you feel in it. At HAPARI, we built our brand around one mission: empowering women to feel confident and beautiful in their swimwear. And, that includes swimsuit bottoms! So, in today’s post, we’re sharing a guide to help you find a perfectly fitting swimsuit bottom with just the right amount of coverage, support, and style that you want. Check out the guide below.

1) Coverage

First up, the amount of coverage you want for your swimsuit bottom is key to finding a perfectly fitting pair. While this may seem obvious, so many people get this wrong—if you want a standard swimsuit bottom make sure you don’t accidentally buy a cheeky bottom that will likely be too flashy for you to feel comfortable. Or, if you want to show more skin, buying a high-waisted Tummy Tuk swimsuit bottom may not give you the look you want. So first determine what type of coverage you want for your swimsuit bottoms. At HAPARI, we break out our swimsuit bottoms by the styles below:

These move from the least amount of coverage, Bikini Bottoms, to the most amount of coverage, Board Shorts. For example, if you want an option that covers more of your hips, a Boy Short, Swim Skirt, or Board Short style may be better for you. Or, if you want a suit that covers more of your lower midriff, the High-Waisted swimsuit bottoms may be your best bet.

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2) Fit Test

Next up, make sure to do the fit test with your swimsuit bottoms. What is this you ask? We call it the comfort test and confidence test. Just like the namesake, you want to be both comfortable and confident in your swimsuit. You don’t want your swimsuit to be too tight so that the shoulder straps are digging into your shoulders or that the bottoms are creating bulging skin areas. And, conversely, you don’t want your suit too loose to the point that you aren’t supported or there is gaping fabric.

Below are the fit test steps:

  1. Be sure you can comfortably stretch around the seams of your swimsuit bottoms. Try carefully pulling on the sides and ensuring the elastic snaps into place.
  2. Check to see if there is any bunching at the seams, or loose fabric anywhere.
  3. Move around in your swimsuit bottoms. Sit down, squat, laydown, crouch, etc. Does the swimsuit bottom support you throughout? Are you uncomfortable or does it feel too tight?
  4. Bend at your waist to ensure the swimsuit bottoms are laying flat against your stomach. If they start to roll down or dig into your skin, they may be too tight.
  5. Be sure you are wearing the swimsuit bottoms at your natural waist and following the swimsuit bottom style and design for optimal fit.
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3) Mix & Match Sizing

To ensure the best fitting swimsuit bottoms, make sure you’re buying the right size swimsuit bottoms for you. To do this it’s best to grab a tape measure and calculate your raw measurements first. 

  • Hips: Stand with your feet together and wrap a measuring tape along the fullest part of your hip and rear. This will give you your hip measurement. 
  • Waist: Then take it and measure along your natural waist, typically the narrowest part of your torso. This will give you your waist measurement. 
  • Match your measurements: Then take those measurements and match them to the HAPARI Fit Guide. This will tell you your ideal sizing for your swim bottoms. 

The great thing about HAPARI swimwear? You don’t have to buy your swimsuit in a set—which means you can buy different sizes for your tops and bottoms. Buying swimsuit pieces separately allows you to get the best fit for both your swimsuit top and your bottom. And that, my friends, is the equation for a perfectly fitting swimsuit!

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Shop now—Buy One, Get Two Free!

Now that you know how to get the best fitting swimsuit bottoms, it’s time to shop! For a limited time, when you buy one swimsuit piece (top or bottom) you can get two additional swimsuit pieces (tops or bottoms) for equal or lesser value for free. Be sure to use code: 2Free at checkout to score this deal. Better hurry though, this deal won’t last long!

Ready for more lifestyle articles, product features and healthy living tips? Check out the other articles in our HAPARI blog. We feature special product spotlights, healthy eating and fitness advice, and exclusive insider deals on our swimwear. 

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