For today’s Fitness Feature, we’re sharing a workout designed to scorch nearly 500-600 calories in just 30 minutes. These exercises focus on your lower body, targeting your glutes, thighs, and legs.

Ready to give it a try? Save this post to your phone (take a screenshot or bookmark the URL) and do this fun workout at home or at the gym for your next leg day!

Ladder Sprints

First up, start with some cardio. Doing cardio at the beginning of your workout helps create a steady intensity to get your heart rate at a level needed for effectively burning fat. This series starts with ladder sprints; so whether you workout at home or working out at a gym make sure to do stretching and a good warm up before you jump into these. Once you’re ready try the series below.

  • 3 Sets of Ladder Sprints: Set markers for where you want to run. Set the first one 50 feet, then 100 feet. If you have a basketball court nearby use half court and then the full court for reference. The goal is to run as fast as you can through the ladder; run to the first marker, then run back to the starting position, then repeat running to the second marker and back. Repeat 3X. You should be huffing and puffing trying to breathe by the end of this series!
  • 1-Minute Run: Once you’re done with your ladder sprints, do three sets of a 1-minute run. This run should be at a steady and difficult pace but you should be able to maintain it for the full minute. Don’t push yourself as hard as you do for the sprints but do make sure you’re running and not just doing a light jog.

Woman Jogging

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

High-Knee Jumps

This next exercise may seem easy; but trust us, once you’re mid-workout doing these high-knee jumps you’re going to feel the burn. This exercise can be modified for more intensity or less intensity.

  • Standing Tuck Jump: Start in a standing position, swing your arms behind you and bend your knees, jump as high as you can tucking your feet into your chest. Land with a bent knee and start again. Repeat 5 tuck jumps and 3 rounds.
  • Plank to High-Knee Jump: Start in a plank position, step one foot forward into a lunge, then let the other knee swing upwards, and jump into the air with a high-knee/running position. As you land you’ll reverse back into the plank position. Do 10 on each leg and repeat for 3 times.
  • Standing High-Knee Jump: If you need a variation that’s less intense, try doing the same high-knee jump from standing vs from the plank position. You’ll still feel the burn, trust us! Similar to the above variation, do this exercise 10 times on each leg and repeat the series 3 times.

Woman Exercising at the Park

Photo by Dinielle De Veyra from Pexels

Weighted Squat & Glute Burn

Next up are weights. If you’re working out at a gym and have access to a barbell then grab that. If not, use a handheld weight at home or whatever you have around the house that can safely add extra weight to your workout. In this exercise series you’re going to be focusing on squats.

  • Weighted Back Squats: With the barbell or weight safely resting on your shoulder blades, do 25-30 weighted back squats. Repeat the series 3 times. Make sure to keep your knees in line with your toes as you squat. Do not let your knees push forward!
  • Sumo Squats: A sumo squat has a wider stance with feet slightly turned out. Repeat the series of 25-30 squats, 3 times.
  • Front Squats: Last up are front squats. This squat form has the weight on the front of your chest/collarbone and/or you can align hand weights at your hips. Perform the front squat for 25-30 squats, 3 times.

Woman Doing Squats

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Plank to Kettlebell Swings

Last, we’re doing plank to kettlebell swings! Using weights like kettlebells are a great way to end a workout because they build muscle and get your heart rate up. Make sure to keep your back straight and maintain a soft bend to the knees as you’re doing these exercises with the kettlebell. This is the last exercise set of the workout. You can do it!

  • Plank to Kettlebell Stand: This weighted exercise comes from a yoga flow. Start with two kettlebells on the ground and in a plank/push-up position. Slowly move to a lunge position putting one foot in front. Next move the other foot in line and transition to a squat. Slowly stand up and lift the kettlebells up. Reverse the movement to get back into the beginning position. Repeat and Do 10 sets of these (5 with each leg forward), repeat 3 times.
  • Kettlebell Swings: Start in a deep squat position with your back straight, grabbing the kettlebell with each hand. Standup and swing the kettlebell between your legs, tucking your hips and squeezing your glutes. Aim to get the kettlebell chest height. Do 10 set of swings, 3 sets.

Woman Exercising at the Gym

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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