Woman Doing Push Ups

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Picture this - you’re in the middle of a set of burpees. The first five feel good, you can feel the burn but you’re handling it like the champ you are. Then you start on your sixth one, your legs are burning, your lungs are aching, and the thought of jumping up and then right into a push-up makes you have that sour throw-up feeling in your mouth.

Burpees are terrible. Period. But, (and there is a ‘but’) burpees are also one of the most beneficial exercises you can do. They increase your heart rate helping you burn fat while also helping you build muscles in your arms and legs. They can be done almost anywhere and don’t require additional equipment. So, we’re going to challenge you to become a Burpee Queen. To master the dreaded burpee and prove once-and-for-all that you are stronger than the burpee.

Take this HAPARI Fitness Test, and accept the Burpee Challenge!

30-Day Burpee Challenge

The challenge is simple, we’re going to do burpees everyday for 30-days. The number we do will get harder each day. While the number of burpees we do goes up, our strength and health will too! Now’s the time, are you ready to accept the burpee challenge?

Before we begin, let’s review how to do a burpee with correct form:

Woman Doing Burpees

(Image via WODShop)

  1. Squat down to the floor
  2. Jump into a pushup position
  3. Bend arms into a 90 degree pushup position
  4. Straighten arms in pushup
  5. Jump into a squat
  6. Jump straight into the air


Now ready to accept the challenge? Follow this 30-Day challenge provided by Jetts (a fitness company in Australia!)

30 Day Challenge Calendar

Ready to do it? I’ll be working on HAPARI’s Fitness Test: Accept the Burpee Challenge right along with you. Let’s motivated each other and stick to it for 30-Days. Ready, GO!!

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