With Halloween a few weeks away, today’s post is a HAPARI Halloween edition! We’re sharing our staff’s favorite picks for costumes for your pet -- yep, you read that right. With Trick-or-Treating up in the air this year due to the Corona virus and different quarantine regulations across the country, our costume post this year is all about the cutest -- and funniest -- Halloween costumes for your furry friend. Check it out and score a sweet costume for your pet just in time for the scariest day of the year!

In order to find the best Halloween costumes for your pup or cat, we’ve started by looking at the top places to find pet Halloween costumes; from Chewy, a pet-only site that sells pet food and other pet accessories, to Target and Costco, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best furry-friendly costumes at convenient places to shop!

Where to Shop: Chewy

Chewy is a dedicated pet website where you can buy all things related to giving your pup (or any other pet animal) the best accessories, food, and more. This year they have a dedicated Halloween section on their site. The best part? Most costumes are just $15. Check out the full collection of Halloween Pet Costumes from Chewy here.

  • Piece of Bread: Ok, this costume might be the best one we can find out there. You can dress your furry friend like a piece of bread for just $6.99. That’s worth every penny. Link is here.

Piece of Bread Pet Costume

  • Walking Werewolf: This one is too good not to share. We love these “walking” costumes for pets. When your dog or cat moves in these, the front legs of the costume look like they are walking too! Check it out here.

Walking Werewolf Pet Costume

  • Spaceship: Our third pick for favorite pet Halloween costume is the spaceship costume for dogs and cats. We mostly just love the cat’s face in this picture -- priceless. Order this costume here.

Spaceship Pet Costume

Where to Shop: Target

Target also has a wide selection of Pet-specific Halloween costumes. Like Chewy, most of Target’s selection of costumes are very affordable as well -- priced around $10-$15. We’ve pulled a few of our top costumes from their site below. Check out the full selection here.

  • Rainbow: How cute is this rainbow costume? We love the bright colors and the easily adjustable straps to fit your pup. Shop this costume here.

Rainbow Pet Costume

  • Hot Dog: Hot Dog! Looking to turn your pup or cat into a tasty treat this Halloween? Look no further, we have the costume for you. This hot dog costume is hilarious. It’s perfect for a small dog or cat. Check it out here.

Hot Dog Pet Costume

  • Sheriff Squirrel: Does your dog go crazy chasing squirrels too? If so, this Halloween costume, featuring a squirrel riding/leading the way, is the ideal costume for your pup. It’s time squirrels got their revenge! Check it out here.

Sheriff Squirrel Pet Costume

Where to Shop: Amazon

Last but not least, make sure to check out the selection of Halloween costumes on Amazon! The best part about finding a costume on Amazon, the 2-day free shipping with a Prime membership. With so many options to choose from, it’s nice to know you can order a few days before Halloween and still get the costume on time. Check out our favorite Amazon costumes below and view the full selection of pet costumes here.

  • Dog Lion Mane: This realistic lion mane will have your neighbors doing a double take this year. With over 2000 4.5+ star reviews on Amazon, this costume is sure to be a hit. Check it out here.

Dog Lion Mane Pet Costume

  • Bloody Knife: Ready to win every costume contest? This is the costume that will do it. And, while this one might be a little macabre, it’s a unique and humorous Halloween costume that’s sure to get attention. This Knife Halloween set can be worn in different ways to depict a creepy end for your beloved pet. Shop it here.

Bloody Knife Pet Costume

  • Cowboy: Last but not least, we love this cowboy costume for your small dog or cat. It’ll likely be a challenge wrangling your cat (especially) into this costume and hat, but the pictures will be well worth it! Check out the costume and reviews here.

Cowboy Pet Costume

Happy Halloween from your HAPARI family!

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Header Photo by mark glancy from Pexels

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