Keep the family engaged all summer long!

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Now that the school year has ended (already?!), the kiddos already at home proclaiming, ‘I’m bored!!’ Now, as a parent myself, I truly believe it’s not our responsibility to entertain our kids. However, the summer can be a great opportunity to create lasting, fun, and educational memories with your kids.

To kick off the start of the summer break, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite summer activities for kids to keep them engaged over the next few months. From neighborhood play groups to sports teams to summer road trips, we’ve got a list of ideas to inspire you this summer!

Read on, HAPARI warriors, we’re off for a great summer adventure!

  1. Summer Bucket List

The first item on our list is to create another list. Ha! While this may seem silly, creating a ‘Summer Bucket List’ is a great way to maximize your family time and create fun memories. A friend of mine does this with her family and she says it helps her kids avoid the dreaded ‘‘I’m bored!!’ Since they’ve already created a to-do list, she simply tells the kids to pick an activity off the list. The list helps them keep track of their activities and not let the summer slip by too quickly. Get the whole family involved! It’s fun to add items that your kids can do with Grandma and Grandpa, friends, and family members. (Image via Kool Kids Tutoring)

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  1. Educational Days

It’s important to make sure your kids are still learning and developing their skills during the summer. Our next idea is to create a ‘Educational Days.’ Whether you decide to do this once a week or once every few weeks, having a day focused on education can be a great way to keep your kids engaged and sharp this summer. Education days can mean visiting a museum, going to the library, exploring the city, or even working through summer math books. Let’s face it, your kids want to spend time with you. As long as you’re with engaged with them, even a day spent working on math together can be fun. (Image via Homed It)

Educational Building

  1. City Pass

In our community, local entertainment venues like baseball teams, water parks and movie theaters have banded together to create City Passes. These passes grant you access to all the fun activities available this summer. Why not see if there’s a similar pass available in your area? They’re usually pretty affordable and can offer hours of fun.  (Image via Student Travel Planning Guide)

Man in a Skyscraper Showing a City Pass

  1. Bug Hunts

Now, the idea of a ‘bug hunt’ as an adult may seem, well, disgusting, but to kiddos it can be the most fun they have all summer. My family is planning a ‘bug hunt’ this summer. We’ll each research a bug to “find” and then head off on a hike to find our bugs. This activity helps kids learn about the outdoors and appreciate the world around them.  (Image via Planning with Kids)

Kids Bug Hunting

  1. Reading Programs

Reading is so important in the development of your child’s brain. This last activity is designed to really keep kids engaged and help their reading levels this summer. Try implementing an at-home reading program. For each book your kids read, reward them! Give them praise, let them pick dinner for the night, or even let them pick the next activity on their Summer Bucket List. You can also check with local libraries to see if there are reading programs available. (Image via CJ Online)

Woman Reading to Children

Other Ideas

Why not create a play date with other school friends? Take turns hosting the event (that means you also get a few days without the kiddos too!) You can also enroll your kids in swimming lessons or a sport activity where they can learn teamwork, responsibility and dedication. Or, why not take the summer to help your kids learn about chores. It’s a great time to teach them about laundry, dishes, and the daily upkeep of running a household.

No matter what you decide to do this summer, spending quality time with your kids is truly what it’s all about. We hope this list of summer activities for kids inspires you to create an engaged summer!

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