Between the pandemic, blended work-home hours, and home school, it may be hard to find time to workout each day. We get it! And even for those who aren’t in lockdown situations anymore, life can be busy and finding time to work out each day can be difficult. In today’s post, we’re sharing our favorite 10-minute workouts so you can get your workout in quickly and efficiently. Check out our favorites below!

Why are 10-Minute Workouts Effective?

Due to the time constraint on 10-minute workouts, e.g. they’re short, most 10-minute workouts tend to be HIIT workouts or High Intensity Interval Training workouts. This means you’re usually doing a mix of intense bursts of energy exercises (think burpees or sprints or mountain climbers) for a short period of time with short rests in between. These types of exercises are incredibly efficient for burning fat and losing weight which is why in just 10 minutes you can burn a lot of calories. Now that you know WHY these short workouts are effective, check out the exercise routines below.

Woman Doing Planks

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Pamela Reif 10-Minute Workouts

One of our favorite things about YouTube is the incredibly insightful, and oftentimes, free content! We love following Pamela Reif, the YouTube fitness star from Germany. She specializes in creating 10-minute workout content to share with her 7.8 Million followers. Also, unique to typical fitness videos, Pamela doesn’t provide any commentary to her videos. Instead you follow along to hyped up techno music and that’s it! Check out her 10-minute workout videos here. Let us know if you try one and which one is your favorite in the comments section below!

Woman Looking at Her Laptop Before Exercise Routine

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Self Workouts

We love this article by Self that compiles 10 of the best 10-minute workouts in one article. Along with providing several different variations and exercise recommendations, the article also gives you options for the types of workouts - want to do an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workout to challenge yourself? Or maybe you prefer doing a set amount of reps and sets. The article provides several different types of workouts you can do. Save the link and try these this week!

Woman Looking at Her Phone

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NHS Workouts

The National Health Service in England has a lot of educational and free content on their website. They have an article dedicated to 10-minute workouts, check it out here. As the article mentions, the workouts in their article are all equipment-free; meaning you can do these exercises anywhere. They provide 6 different workouts focusing on different muscle groups and focus areas each day and there are how-to photos included for each exercise. It’s simple and easy to incorporate these 10-minute workouts into your busy day. Try it this week. We guarantee you’ll feel better after the short exercises!

Woman Exercising in Living Room

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