Woman's Beauty Shot

We’re already well into 2015, can you believe it? Time flies when you’re having fun! At HAPARI, we love following the latest beauty and fashion trends; from Kim K’s platinum blonde hair (is it weird that we actually like it?!) to the infamous black/blue and white/gold dress (this editor thinks the dress is white and gold.) We enjoy following the ever-changing trends; they’re fun, often silly, but an interesting look into the present mood and culture.

Read on to find out the current beauty trends for 2015!

Women Wearing Plum Lipstick

Plum Lips

One of our favorite new looks for 2015 is the plum lip. Dark lips have been the go-to for nights-out for a while now, but the rich plum shade is the official lipstick color for 2015. We love that you can wear this shade from day-to-night by simply applying the lipstick differently. For day, apply a smudge and even out with chapstick or clear gloss. For night, try layering the lipstick to find the perfect shade.

 What do you think? Would you wear plum lipstick?

Negative Space Manicure

Negative Space Manicures

Nail polish and manicures have been enjoying the spotlight for decades. For 2015, we have revolutionary new shapes for the tried-and-true manicure. It’s being called the ‘Negative Space Manicure.’ Essentially, the new nail trend for 2015 is adding pops of color in unique and unexpected ways. The picture below shows subtle nail polish lines drawn up each nail.

 We think this new way form of a manicure sounds easier (less time for drying) and creative!

Women with Messy Hair Style

Messy Hair

The ‘it’ look when it comes to hair is the messy-I-didn’t-try-hard look. That’s a big ‘YAY!!!’ for all of us ladies who spend hours doing our hair in the morning. The look for 2015 is effortless. It means air-dried hair is a-okay, and in fact, it’s ideal. So, sleep-in beauty warriors and let your mane be free!

Woman with Full Eyebrows

Full Eyebrows

It seems au naturel is the essence of beauty trends for 2015, and it’s no different when it comes to the latest trend in eyebrow shape. Put down the tweezers! Let your natural brows grow out. Sure, it’s a long process, but let your brows return to their natural state. Then, go to a brow specialist and get them subtly shaped.

Woman with Subtle Makeup

Subtle Contour

For a while there, we all got a little too into contour. If you’ve ever watched a tutorial on contouring, it requires a massive amount of makeup (foundation, highlight, contour, bronzer, blush) etc. While a great contoured face is always ‘in,’ wearing layers and layers of makeup is not. Remember, 2015 is all about minimalism and being natural.

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