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Subscription boxes we love!

Does anyone else get a burst of happiness when you discover that something you ordered online has finally been delivered? Its seriously like Christmas morning! With all the new subscription boxes on the rise, you could have that feeling every month. The products available range from makeup to personalized snacks aka perfect to order for yourself or as a gift for a friend. We have rounded up our standout subscription boxes for 2016, enjoy!

Fab Fit Fun

Fab Fit Fun Unboxed Credit: Fab Fit Fun

Tailored around health and wellness, Fab Fit Fun is the perfect subscription box for women! Full sized beauty products, wardrobe additions, and fitness accessories are sent out 4 times a year for $49.99 each. Worth a $200 value! The latest box, Fall 2016, included a nude eye shadow pallet, travel cup, perfume, scarf, and much more. The contents of every season’s box is a surprise. We cant wait to see what is in the Winter box!

Bootay Bag

Underwear Pieces from Bootay BagCredit: Bootay Bag

Move over Victoria’s Secret, Bootay Bag is changing the undergarment game. For $12 a month you can get 2 pairs of underwear sent right to your door. This company from Colorado has quickly gained traction on social media thanks to their minimalistic packaging and bright lacy undergarment pieces. As an added bonus, Bootay Bag has pledged to donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation for every selfie taken with their bag using #undermatters.


Opened Graze Box and a Cup of Tea on a Table Credit: Graze

Ever feel like you need a snack but cant find any healthy options that can curb your cravings? Enter Graze. A subscription with Graze costs $11.99 per week and comes with nutritionally balanced snacks tailored to your taste buds. You can try new items every week or stay consistent with your favorites. After an intense workout, a snack from Graze is the perfect treat!


Birchbox Unboxed Credit: Birchbox

Looking for a company that can send tailored products to you and the man in your life? Look no further! Birchbox Beauty for women costs $10 a month and comes with 5 samples ranging from mascara to face moisturizers. Birchbox Man costs $20 and comes with 4 grooming product samples and a full size product. At only $10-$20 a month, Birchbox is the perfect gift for those close to you this holiday season!

We are currently loving all the samples that come in these subscription boxes! Be sure to let us know if you sign up and tag us in any pictures you share. We love sharing our tips and tricks with our #HAPARI fans! Want to see us do a tutorial or write up on anything specific? Let us know!. As always, follow along on the HAPARI Blog and on our Facebook & Instagram pages for all things HAPARI all the time.

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