Two Women in the Pool Wearing Tank Midkini Top Hapari and Whitsunday Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner which means that summer is nearly here! We are so ready for lazy days lounging by the water in our new HAPARI Swimwear! But what does summer mean for your hair? Whether your hair turns frizzy, green, or you just don’t have time to style, we’ve got lots of hair hacks to solve all your summer hair problems. Hello summer!

Check Out Our Summer 2016 Hair Hacks!

Beach Waves

Let’s start with a quick and easy summer hairstyle. Everyone loves those gorgeous beach waves, but crimping, curling and styling can take up precious time. Instead, with damp hair and starting at the top-center of your hairline, pull your hair into a single French or Dutch braid (pictured). The looser the better! Have fun in the sun and when your hair is dry, let your hair down into beautiful waves!

Woman Braiding Her Hair

Greasy Bangs

If you have bangs or a fringe, summer might be your worst nightmare! The extra sweat and sunscreen on your face often leaves your bangs a greasy, stringy mess! Keep your hair away from your face by French or Dutch braiding them like a headband along your hairline. Tuck and pin the end with a few bobby pins behind your ear!

Woman Posing Poolside Wearing Hapari Tank Tankini Top

DIY Ocean Mist Spray

If you in a land-locked state and miss that natural curl that the ocean air gives your hair, make your own ocean mist spray! It will take a little longer than the loose braid beach waves but will look gorgeous! First, mix 20 ounces of seltzer water and a teaspoon of salt in a spray bottle. Spritz in your hair, scrunching from ends to roots as you go and let dry. If the curls need a touch up, wrap your hair around a curling iron for just a few seconds. Immediately tug at the hair so that the strand loosens. Voila! Beach hair in the desert 

Natural Highlights

If you want sun-kissed hair, squeeze a lemon on your head and run a comb through your hair before spending time in the sun. The citric acid of the lemon will mix with the sun and lift away pigment, leaving your hair a little lighter. This works best for blondes and light brunettes!

Half image of a Lemon and Half of a Woman's Hair

Frizzy Hair

Summer can make some hair frizz out of control! There are lots of products you can use but the first step is to dry your hair with a t-shirt. Normal bath towels suck too much moisture out of your hair, leaving it frizzy. But using a cotton t-shirt will keep your hair from dripping water without making it frizzy. You may not even need those products!

Chlorine Damage

Before jumping into the pool, wet your hair with bottled or tap water! Your porous hair strands will soak up the healthy water, preventing damage from the chemicals of the pool water. If your hair starts to turn green, mix a bit of baking soda with water until it makes a think paste. Rub this through your hair and rinse thoroughly, then shampoo as you would normally. This will help get rid of the green pool hair!

Woman Posing Poolside Wearing Hapari Seaglass V- Neck Tankini Top

Sunscreen For Your Scalp

Have you ever burned your scalp? It’s no fun, but thick creamy sunscreen can be such a pain to rub through your hair. Instead, squeeze sunscreen into a water bottle and add a bit of water so that it dilutes just a little. This will make it much easier to apply and keep your hair part protected from the harsh summer sun!

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