Woman Exercising with Dumbbells Wearing a Christmas Hat

Alright people, we all know the holidays are filled with yummy goodness — from decadent desserts to delicious roasts to bubbly drinks. It’s true, the holidays are a warm and fuzzy, month-long celebration comprised of all things sugar. And, yet, this holiday season we are challenging you. We’re challenging you to not let the temptations of the holiday eat-a-thon deter you away from your fitness goals. We’re challenging you to YES enjoy the holidays, say YES to that extra cookie or that delectable side, but also, YES to holiday fitness and a year-long healthy lifestyle.

To get you motivated and ready to go, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite holiday-themed workouts. Because working out with a holiday theme just seems so much more ... FUN!

The 12 Days of Fitness

This might be the most fun you’ll have doing a workout. The 12 Days of Fitness follows the well-known holiday song and has you hitting every muscle group. Just like the song, each day you add a different exercise to your workout. By the time Christmas comes around you’ll be in tip-top shape!

The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge

This graphic originally appeared on Tribesports, an online physical activity community.

The Gift of Squats

You know the phrase ‘the gift that keeps on giving’? Well, we’ve been searching for this supposed gift everywhere, and it seems we may have just found it… introducing the Gift of Squats! Doing squats is a great way to raise your heart rate, burn calories, and tone your backside. You’ll thank yourself for this fine gift in about 6 months when you’re rocking your Hapari suit poolside. Plus, having a healthy body is something we can all happily work towards!

Man lifting Weights Dressed as Santa Clause

December Squats - (repeat each week)

Monday: 15 Squats

Tuesday: 30 Squats

Wednesday: 45 Squats

Thursday: 60 Squats

Friday: 75 Squats

Saturday: 90 Squats

Sunday: 105 Squats

Hapari Holiday Circuit

Crossfit's ever-popular HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) means workouts are shorter, more explosive, and always changing. That’s part of the allure; you’re never doing the same old thing. For a holiday boost, we challenge you to take part in this Hapari Holiday Circuit. We think you’re going to love it!

Holiday Circuit Workout

This graphic originally appeared on PBFingers.

Alright Hapari workout-warriors! Are you inspired? Are you motivated? Are you ready to kick holiday-weight gain in the booty? We sure are and hope you are too!

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