At HAPARI we believe that every woman should look and feel great in their  swimsuit. It’s why we create the best quality swimwear available for women of all shapes and sizes. It’s also why we make it easy to find the correct sizing with our HAPARI Fit Guide. In today’s post we’re sharing how we help you find the perfect fit in three easy steps!

Step 1: Find Your Measurements

The first step is knowing what sizing works for your body. In other words, what size are you? While this may seem simple, many times sizing can be vastly different from brand to brand. A “small” in one brand may be a completely different size than a “small” in another. At HAPARI, we make it easy to find the correct measurements to ensure your swimwear fits perfectly.

To start, you’ll need a tape, pen, and paper. Referencing the image below, use a tape measure to find your bust, waist, hip, and torso measurements. Record these down in inches. Be sure to note the special measuring tips outlined in the image as well.

How to Measure for your HAPARI Swimwear

Step 2: Find Your Size

Now that you have your exact measurements, you can reference the size chart below to find the perfect fit for your body. It also helps you determine your preferred fit. If you’re between sizes, you can size up or down; depending on your fit preference. It’s also great so you can mix and match sizing for tops and bottoms.

For example, perhaps you want a bit more room in the top area so you go with a large top. But, if you prefer a snug fit on the bottom, you can choose to size down with a medium bottom. Our suits are designed to mix and match so that you can get the perfect fit for your unique shape.

HAPARI Size Chart

Step 3: Contact a Style Consultant

Lastly, we have dedicated  HAPARI Style Consultants ready to help you find the perfect suit. Our style consultants offer free, expert advice on how our different sizes, styles and fits can help flatter your figure. To contact one of our Hapari Style Consultants call: (866) 525-SWIM (7946).

Our Style Consultants can be especially helpful if you are purchasing swimwear as a gift for a loved one or friend or if you have recently experienced changes in you body type (e.g. weight loss or gain, mastectomy).

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