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As New York Fashion Week winds down this week, the new trends for Spring 2016 have emerged. As we patiently(ish) wait for Spring to arrive, the season’s latest fashions have just made their mark; creating rippling trends that you will see imitated in stores in just a few months time. From 1920s-inspiration at Rachel Zoe to Marc Jacob’s classic-ly edgy, punk-90s blend, to the talk-of-the-town dress from Alexander Wang that’s both ‘street cool’ and strikingly elegant, Spring fashion for is here with 2016 trends!

Check out HAPARI’s Top 5 Trends for Spring 2016.

  1. Vintage, Vintage, Vintage

From Miu Miu to Chanel to Dolce & Gabbana, the latest trends for 2016 involve reworking vintage. The best part about this trend is that it’s not entirely new; vintage clothing has been a huge market for the past 10 years or so. Spring 2016’s take on vintage simply takes a new approach; creating tailored items and 2016 fit guides with “vintage” designs, prints, and fabrics. The lesson? Raid your grandma’s closet! :) (Left to Right: Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabanna, Prada. All images via Harper’s Bazaar)

Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabanna and Prada Fashion Runways

  1. The New Tie Necklines

They say fashion recycles every 20 years, if Spring 2016’s trends are any indication, then the age-old thinking seems to be correct. All the trends are pointing to the 1990s. The new ‘tie’ necklines seen throughout many of the designer showcases illustrate this point. Off-the-shoulder romantic necklines are in (especially for long flowing dresses). (Image via Elle)

Tie Neckline Trend in Fashion Runway

  1. Hail to the Stripes!

One of my favorite new trends for 2016 is the comeback of the big, bold stripe! From dresses to shirts to skirts, stripes are in full force for the coming season. Right now the look celebrates the big, bold stripes; leaving the pinstripe in the dust. The good news is that this trend can be pulled off by all body types! Wearing large, vertical stripes is universally flattering. As you start shopping for new Spring pieces, be sure to keep an eye out for stripes! (Image via Fashionista)

Models Wearing Stripes

  1. Shoe of the Season: The Flat Mule

A few seasons ago, the return of the clog was all the fashion. This Spring’s take is a redux on the clog; this time around taking the heel out of the equation. The flat mule is the latest shoe trend for 2016. While the name sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry, the shoe is a welcome change to the footwear landscape. The new style features a fully covered front area with an open back for easy slipping on-and-off. The flat sole gives the shoe an easy-cool vibe. (Image via The Fashion Symphony)

Women Wearing Flat Mules

  1. The 90s Denim Dream

Last but not least, Spring 2016 officially welcomes denim back into fashion. While the fashion world has been flirting with denim for a while (almost every retail store offered a denim shirt in their offerings the past year), the new trend opens the door wide open to the full gamut of all that is denim. To reiterate our 90s speculation mentioned above, the return of denim means the return of the 90s. If this new style doesn’t epitomize the 90s, I’m not sure what does! (Image via Vogue)

Models Walking on a Runway Wearing Denim

But let’s tread cautiously on this new trend, lest we forget about this iconic 90s outfit disaster:

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears Wearing Denim Head to Toe

(Image via People Magazine)

And, that’s it! The trends for Spring 2016 have been cast! What new looks will you be incorporating into your closet? Let us know! We’d love to hear feedback and share comments with our HAPARI community.

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