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Students of the world, unite! Fall semester is well underway and that means it’s officially time to consider your Fall Break Destinations. Like the little brother to the more well-known Spring Break, Fall Break happens around mid October for most universities. To help you plan a memorable break from classes, we’ve created a list of our top destinations for Fall Break! And, because there are SO many awesome places to visit, we’ve compiled our list of Fall Break destinations into top categories - tropical getaways, outdoor adventures, and charitable trips - check it out below!

HAPARI'S Recommendations For Fall Break Destinations

Tropical Getaways

Looking to make waves this Fall Break? Then head on over to a tropical destination! A few crowd favorites (in fact, thousands of students head to these top places each year) include Cancun, Mexico; Key West, Florida; or Las Vegas, Nevada. Aren’t able to make it to one of these hip spots this year? Check out your local beach or lake and plan a trip with your friends!

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Check Out Our Must Do’s for Tropical Getaways:

  • Hit the beach or pool with your best friends. This is a given - spending quality times with the ones you love will make for the best college memories you’ll cherish forever.
  • Plan a snorkeling or scuba diving tour. Ready to be amazed by the water? Make sure to explore the underwater world via snorkeling or scuba diving on your next trip.
  • Try local cuisine. Be open to new cultures, tastes, and experiences! (Hey, Octopus doesn’t taste that bad!)
  • Take in a sunset with friends. This time in your life won’t last forever, make sure you enjoy it!
  • Enjoy a treat! Whether that’s ice cream, a beverage, or some delicious local artisan chocolate, make sure you treat yourself while on vacay.

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Push-Up Bikini Tops and Black Bikini Bottoms

Outdoor Adventures

Think about it for a second - would you rather plan a relaxing vacation or an adventure-filled one? While many people envision doing absolutely nothing on vacation, for crazy a-type’s (ahem, like me!) the idea of relaxing on a beach gives me anxiety. I have to be doing something. My vacations are all filled with adventure and new, exciting things! If you’re like me, plan an outdoor adventure trip this year for Fall Break!

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Check Out Our Must Do’s for Outdoor Adventures:

  • Plan an epic hike. One of the best parts about planning an outdoor adventure is planning time to spend in the great outdoors! Organize an epic hike with your best friends, you’ll cherish the memories!
  • Explore new places. One of my favorite things to do is to explore a new place without a plan. Just pick a spot on your map, and let yourself wander around. Or, drive around until you see something exciting and check it out!
  • Check a life goal of your bucket list. Make it a goal to check off a must do on your bucket list. Want to make your own campfire dinner? Or, yell as loud as you can at the top of a mountain? Do it!
  • Sleep under the stars! Last but not least, plan a camp out under the stars to wrap up your Outdoor Adventure. The stars are magical.
  • Document the entire trip. Bring a camera and snap pics along the way. The great outdoors is the best backdrop you could ever want.

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Twist Tankini Top & Red Bikini Bottoms

Philanthropy Trips

Would you consider taking an alternative Fall Break Destination? Use your time off school to make a difference and give back to the community! Many schools offer programs centered around spending time doing charity work instead of taking a trip. Look into one of those programs or contact a local non-profit and ask how you can help out for the week. You’ll have an enriching experience and have great credits to add to your resume!

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Check Out Our Must Do’s for Charitable Trips:

  • Invite friends! Make it fun! While this may sound like the least “fun” trip of the three, a charitable trip can be just as much fun as a tropical getaway or outdoor adventure. Invite your friends! Together, you can make it a blast.
  • Build Connections. While you’re volunteering make sure to speak up to your supervisor and other volunteers. Connect with them! Share your passions, life goals, and dreams. Everyone you meet can be a connection in the future for a possible job or reference.
  • Make a Difference! Are you passionate about a particular issue? Put your money where your mouth is and do something about it. Volunteer at an organization that’s making a change you want to support.
  • Ask for school credit. Your school may not give you a full credit for volunteering, but there may be unforeseen benefits from spending your time doing charitable work. Talk with your advisor and see if there’s a way to earn credits or connect your nonprofit work with school work.
  • Write about it. Now that you’ve made a difference, share your experience with the world! Whether you choose to write about it in a school paper, community news, blog post or even blog platform (Medium is a fantastic one), you have the chance to share your good work with the world!

Ready to plan a charitable trip? Make sure to bring this HAPARI piece with you!

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Peonies (Blue) Beach Tote

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