Hapari's Mother's Day staycation winner, with her husband and two girls and the winning Hapari Beach Ball

Tammy B., Hapari's Mother's Day staycation winner, with her husband and two girls and the winning Hapari Beach Ball!

Back in early May, Hapari announced its Mother’s Day Staycation Contest to celebrate all of the wonderful Hapari moms out there! One lucky Hapari mom would win a three-day two-night staycation!

On May 13, we announced Tammy Bankston from Honolulu — which was a bit to our surprise — as the staycation prize winner!

“I was so excited,” said Tammy. “I was a bit anxious about it, and then I saw my name announced on Facebook before I received my confirmation email. I was so shocked!”

The Bankstons Couple The Bankstons arrive at the Hilton Waikiki in Honolulu

“Honolulu is great, but it didn’t really matter where I was going,” said Tammy. “It was just neat to be able to take a vacation alone with my husband.”

Tammy admits that she and her husband had never taken a vacation together. “Even when we lived close to family, we didn’t take the time for vacations. So, in a way, this staycation forced us to take vacation. It made me realize what we’ve been missing. Winning this prize was really great for our marriage.”

Tammy and her husband were transferred with the Air Force from Washington State to Honolulu about a year ago. “We knew we were due to be transferred, but we were so excited to find out we would be moving to Hawaii, because we knew it was one place our families would actually come visit!”

According to Tammy, spending time alone with her husband on Waikiki Beach was the best part of their trip. “I’m usually constantly looking around and worrying about the kids. So it was nice to just relax and enjoy ourselves,” said Tammy. “We had a great dinner at Duke’s overlooking the beach. It helped us to realize the importance of taking time to date your spouse.”

Tammy says she’s been a fan of Hapari for three or four years. “I first found Hapari when I was getting ready to visit my husband who was deployed to Dubai. I was pregnant with my first of two daughters and was looking for modest swimwear. I ordered a couple tankinis and took them with me, and I just absolutely loved them! I was able to wear them up to 20 weeks of my pregnancy! It can be difficult to find maternity swimwear that is cute, so I felt like I scored big time. My Hapari swimwear looked great, fit great and was comfortable too!”

Winner Wearing Classic Hapari Holding a Surf Board Tammy B. rocking some classic Hapari on Waikiki Beach

“I rave about Hapari all the time. The swimsuits are such good quality. It’s so easy to mix and match. Returns are a breeze,” says Tammy. “I was just at the beach the other day and told my friend she needed to visit hapari.com.”

The entire Hapari team was so excited to hear that Tammy and her husband had such a meaningful staycation, which is one of the many reasons we love our Hapari contests. In fact, we recently announced our  "Mommy Makeover" Contest, which runs through September 18. And be sure to stay tuned for additional contests this fall!

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