Woman Wearing Hapari SunStripe Sport Tankini Top

 SunStripe Sport

Woman Wearing Hapari Carnival Twist Tankini Top

 Carnival Twist

Woman Wearing Hapari Zebra V-Neck Tankini Top

 Zebra V-Neck

Woman Wearing Hapari Pink Desert Wave S.O.S Tankini Top

 Pink Desert Wave S.O.S.

At Hapari, we have a lot of beautiful tankini styles to choose from. You can mix and match the bottoms, choose from different styles, select varying coverage options and support systems, and decide which fit best enhances what your mama gave you! With so many options, the question is how to choose a tankini top.

It can be a bit overwhelming with so many choices, and if you’re like me, a naturally indecisive person, having too many choices leads to stress and anxiety. But, have no fear! We have an excellent customer service team and a generous return policy to help guide you and ease your mind. I like to think of us as the “Nordstrom” of swimwear. We will go above and beyond to make sure your experience exceeds expectations. And, we’ll make sure you love your suit as much as we do!

Sometimes we forget swimsuit shopping is supposed to be a fun experience! It should be a celebration of welcoming in the new season, of loving your body and yourself, and doing something for yourself for a change. We know you work hard and buying a new Hapari swimsuit is a treat for yourself — that’s why we’ve created a quick guide to choosing the right tankini for you. This can help simplify the decision-making process to find the perfect new tankini just in time for summer!

Hapari's Guide On How To Choose A Tankini Top

1. Select The Color

The color of your tankini is one of the first things you see! A great color choice can immediately draw your eye to the person wearing it and can enhance your look simply by playing off your natural strengths.

This is done easily by looking at your natural coloring. Do you have golden tan, olive skin? Rosy, pink undertones? Sparkling amber eyes? Choose a suit with a color that accentuates your best features.

Here’s a quick trick for finding your skin tone - check your veins. What color do they most look like? If you say blue - then you may have “cool” undertones (these people tend to have eye color that’s light blue, light green or a gray color). If you say green then you may have “warm” undertones (these people tend to have eye color that’s dark brown, hazel or dark green). Keep in mind, this is a general rule and it doesn’t work for every person. Now, based on your undertones you may want to select a color that best features your natural pigment.

Woman Wearing Hapari Denim V-Neck Tankini Top

 Denim V-Neck

Woman Wearing Hapari Red Diamond Dot V-Neck Tankini Top

 Red Diamond Dot V-Neck

Cool undertones: People with cool undertones generally look best in blues, turquoises, greens, and purples.

Warm undertones: People with warm undertones generally look best in pinks, reds, oranges, maroons and golds.

The Denim Halter Tankini Top on the left, for example, would really accentuate someone with cool undertones, while the Red Diamond Dot V-Neck would bring out the golden color of someone with warm undertones.


Depending on your body type, choosing the right tankini can, again, really showcase the features you’d like to accentuate while flattering areas you may not want to show off. After color, take a look at a tankini’s pattern or solid design. Patterns generally draw the eye immediately towards them. Solids blend more easily and generally aren’t as noticeable.

Woman Wearing Hapari Black V-Neck Tankini Top

 Black V-Neck

Woman Wearing Hapari Zebra V-Neck Tankini Top

 Zebra V-Neck

Do you have an amazing legs and want to draw attention to them first while drawing less attention to your mid-section? You’d want to choose a tankini with a dark, solid top and a bottom with a vibrant pattern and a high cut like our option below, the Black V-Neck tankini top (on the left). If you have muscular arms you’d like to bring attention to and draw attention away from your legs/behind, you may want to choose an option like on the Zebra V-Neck tankini top on the right, with a vibrant pattern on top and a dark solid on bottom.

3. FIT

Last but not least - the fit of the tankini. I touched on this a bit earlier but the fit of your suit can also bring out your best. Depending on what you want to highlight, fit is key! We've included a few guidelines below:

  • Halters: accentuate and enhance bust lines.
  • Skirts: provide more coverage in a beautiful, feminine way.
  • Shorts: full coverage for a more active customer.
  • Bandeaus: offers more coverage for larger busts (and prevent tan lines!)
  • Tanks: enhance your arm muscles and elongates the neck and chest area.
  • Eyelet: Enhances smaller busts and adds a unique flair.

Woman Wearing Hapari White Desert Wave V-Neck Tankini Top

 White Desert Wave V-Neck

Woman Wearing Hapari Denim Tile Scoop Tankini Top

 Denim Tile Scoop

A v-neck halter top, like White Desert Wave V-Neck, for example, can help accentuate the bust line. The shorts, paired to the right, with the Scoop Neck tankini top, can provide a more athletic look and coverage for someone who loves being active in the water or sand.

And that’s it! These three simple guides can really help you focus on specific things to choose the tankini that is right for you! We hope this has been useful. Let us know if you have any suggestions as well — we’d love to hear your comments!

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