People Lighting Flying Chinese Lanterns

(Image via Favorite Mera B Michal)

This Fall do something unique, creative, and FUN! Create lasting memories by making DIY Chinese Luminaries to light up the dark fall skies. This DIY is inspired by one of the coolest events ever - the Utah Lantern Fest. This event brought together thousands of participants to release chinese lanterns into the night sky. How cool, right?!!

Culturally, the release of Chinese lanterns symbolizes putting dreams and goals into the action or celebrating the life of a loved one or even simply wishing for good luck. The Chinese usually release lanterns during their yearly Lantern Festival celebrated during Chinese New Year. Today, we want you to make your own Chinese lantern to release your own hopes and dreams into the world!

Check out this HAPARI DIY to Create Beautiful Floating Chinese Luminaries below!

DIY: How To Make Flying Chinese Lanterns

Ready to make your own Chinese Lantern? The best instructional video comes from JolliCorp’s Youtuve account. Check out her DIY video with helpful step-by-step instructions. We’ve also broken out the instructions in written directions below!


  • Tissue paper
  • 2 12” metal rings
  • Kraft paper tape
  • String
  • Mod Podge
  • Paper towels
  • Candle wax

Instructions Lay tissue paper flat on the floor and cut into 4 even strips. Measure each strip for 12” wide and 24” long. On each strip end, lay the measuring tape flat and cut in at 2” and 10”. Measure a half an inch in and cut a small strip so each strip edge folds up.

Construct the Lantern Place 12” metal ring on top of two pieces of tissue paper. Add Mod Podge to edge folds on each side of the tissue paper and wrap around the edge of the wire. Repeat until both tissue paper pieces are secure around the edge of the ring.

Next, repeat and glue two other tissue paper pieces to second ring. Once both rings have papers around them, glue ends together to create a cylinder. Secure ends with kraft paper tape

Make your Base Add 2 pieces of string across each 12” metal ring to create a cross. Repeat on other end of cylinder. Secure with kraft paper tape.

Create your light! Fold 2 sheets of paper towel into a square shape and soak in candle wax. Once dry, poke two holes through the ends of the paper towel and attach to one end of the base. When you’re ready to light, simply light the paper towel and let your lantern float into the sky!

Safety Tips Make sure to release your lantern in a safe, open space. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher ready in case of any issues. Note please make sure to only use biodegradable materials when making these items.

 Flying Chinese Lanterns in the Sky

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