Finding a perfectly fitting swimsuit can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. With so many variables—from size variations between brands, to differing sizes in top and bottoms, to specific preferences for your unique body shape—finding the perfect swimsuit can be a challenge. The good news is it doesn’t have to be hard. 

With your proper measurements and the ability to mix and match top and bottom sizing (like at HAPARI), you’ll be able to find a fantastic fitting swimsuit in no time. In today’s post, we’re sharing 3 easy steps to measure for a swimsuit. 

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Step 1: Find Your Measurements

The first step is figuring out how to measure your swimsuit size. This can be trickier than it may seem because sizing can differ greatly between brands and clothing items. For example, your size in a t-shirt may not be the same size as a swim top, and a size small in one brand may be a completely different size than a small in another.

To start, you’ll need a soft measuring tape, pen, and paper. Measure each of the sizes below, including bust, waist, hip, and torso, and reference our size and fit guide for additional information. 

For each measurement, be sure to wrap the tape measure around that specific part of your body exactly where described. Don’t pull the tape measure too tight or allow any slack—instead make sure to have a comfortable fitted closure for each measurement. 

To get an accurate measurement, keep the tape measure parallel to the floor (i.e. creating a straight line) for most of your measurements. The only exception is for a torso measurement, in this case, you’ll want the measurement perpendicular to the floor.

Lastly, before you start, make sure you’re wearing form-fitted clothing. If you measure over thick or padded clothing, the sizing is going to be off. And, be sure to note the special measuring tips in the image as well.

  • How to measure bust size for a swimsuit
    To measure your bust for a bikini or tankini top, keep your arms relaxed at your sides and measure around the fullest point of your bust. Note: this is not the same thing as the band measurement on your bra. Be sure to measure around the fullest point for accuracy.

  • How to measure your waist for a swimsuit
    Next up, measure your natural waist. This is the smallest part of your waist, usually right under your rib cage. If you bend to one side, you’ll see where your body naturally creases, that’s where you want to measure.

  • How to measure your hips for a swimsuit
    Finally, measure your hips to find the best fitting swimsuit bottom. Find the fullest part of your hips and measure the circumference. Be sure to keep your feet together and your hips parallel to the floor while doing this (ie don’t twist, tilt, or lift one foot up higher than the other).

  • How to measure torso for a swimsuit
  • Optionally, if you’re going with a one-piece swimsuit, you’ll want to measure your torso as well. To measure your torso for a swimsuit, start at the top of one shoulder and drape the tape down your back. Bring it up through your legs and connect it to that same shoulder. Don’t pull this measurement too tight—you don’t want your one-piece riding up. Instead let the tape gently rest against your body to find a comfortable fit.

    Measurement graphic showing how to measure properly for a swimsuit

    Step 2: Find Your Swimsuit Size

    Now that you have your exact measurements, you can reference the HAPARI size chart to find the perfect fit for your body. The chart below can also help you determine your preferred fit if you’re between sizes. And, we intentionally offer top and bottom sizing separately. This allows you to mix and match sizing to find the perfect fit combination for your unique shape!

    Women's swimwear sizing chart

    Step 3: Contact a Style Consultant

    Have lingering questions? No sweat—we have dedicated HAPARI Style Consultants ready to help you find the perfect suit. Our style consultants offer free, expert advice on how our different sizes, styles and fits can help flatter your figure. To contact one of our Hapari Style Consultants call: (866) 525-SWIM (7946).

    Our Style Consultants can be especially helpful if you are purchasing swimwear as a gift for a loved one or friend or if you have recently experienced changes in your body type (e.g. weight loss or gain, mastectomy). 

    Woman in HAPARI swimsuit leaning forward sitting in a chair

    Shop Now—Buy One, Get One Free!

    Now that you know how to find the perfect fit, it’s time to shop! For a limited time, when you buy one swimsuit you can get a second of equal or lesser value for free. Be sure to use code: MDS22 at checkout to score this deal. Better hurry though, these deals won’t last long!

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