We're here to tell you how to rock your swimwear  with confidence! Hapari knows a swimsuit can be intimidating if you're new to a brand, trying a new style or are just plain human. I know shopping for cute swimwear specifically can be an intimate and sometimes embarrassing experience for most of us. When trying a suit on I want to be alone, in good lighting and able to shift things around where they need to go in the privacy of my own home. You can laugh, but we all know you do the same! It's a similar dance to get into our skinny jeans. We're here to help you with a few key tips to make sure that you'll love your look and love your suit all season long!

Know Your Flaws (& Your Flawlessness!)

Being familiar with your body type can get you very far. It's just as important to know where we need help and where we're already gifted! Do you have an incredibly butt, but are a bit small in the chest? Do you love your cleavage, but can't stand your stomach? For our flaws we must acknowledge our loves, and maintain a positive body image! Every woman has great assets that we can envy each other over endlessly and let's focus there. If you love your chest and feel confident showing it, finding a deeper plunge top or something with fuller coverage can help your confidence soar when you take off your cover up on the beach. Not so thrilled about your stomach? Something with a cinched hem or a beautiful print can mask that area.

Buy Swimwear like you buy a dress... seriously!

Imagine an evening out on the town with your significant other...how do you look? What about your wedding day? Did you have a strapless gown because you have an amazing neck and shoulders? Take that philosophy to the beach and wear a strapless bikini top! Even colors that you favor in your everyday life can be fabulous on the beach! If you look amazing in jewel tones, don't let the category of swimwear change your mind. You're bound to find a suit that looks like it fits right in with the rest of your closet.

Accessorize to Optimize...

If you're self conscious about an area of your body you don't have to feel like it's exposed for all to see. Thankfully swimwear has come a long way and so have accessories and cover ups! Wearing sleeved swim tops with your suit or a gold chain around your waist can change your shape entirely. Not sure what you need? Start with your own closet! Do you have a long necklace that you normally wrap a time or two to wear to work? Leave it open, try around the waist and hold in place with a pin or broach! Don't be afraid to get weird ideas that turn out to be brilliant ideas for accessorizing. You don't have to wear it right off the rack!