Are you a passionate HAPARI customer? Have you been shopping with us for years? Do you share your fave HAPARI swimsuit finds with all of your friends? Well then listen up lady, it’s time to earn some extra cash by doing what you’re already doing—sharing your love for HAPARI!

We’re excited to announce the new HAPARI Ambassador Program. Designed to give back to our most loyal customers, this fun new program is all about rewarding you to spread the word about HAPARI. Learn all about it, and apply to join, below.

What is the HAPARI Ambassador Program?

The HAPARI Ambassador Program incentivizes our most loyal customers to authentically and organically share their love for HAPARI with their individual networks. If you agree that HAPARI and our swimwear secrets are too good not to share, we want to partner with you! Through our partnership, we’ll work together to spread the HAPARI brand and you’ll be incentivized for each sale that originates from your network. The HAPARI Ambassador Program is for trendsetters, influencers and content creators with swimwear savvy who want to share their love for all things HAPARI. Sound like you? Then read on, my friend.

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How does it work?

Does it sound like a fun way to earn extra money? You bet! And, here’s the best part: it’s easy to get started. Here’s how the HAPARI Ambassador Program works:

1. Complete the form on our ambassador program page to apply. Our team will review your application to see if you’re a good fit for the program. What are we looking for? We’re looking for ambassadors to join our program who align with our HAPARI community—that means you’re a woman between the ages of 25-60 and you have a strong voice and presence within your own network.

2. Once you’re approved, share HAPARI with your fans and followers. It’s easy, you’ll get a unique website link assigned to you that you can share out with your network. When someone from your network clicks on the link and purchases the item you shared, you’ll earn a 10% commission for each sale.

3. Earn a 10% commission on every sale! Share your links and get a 10% commission for each purchase that is initiated with your web link. The best part is, our links are ‘cookied’ for 90 days (vs standard ambassador programs that only have 30 day cookie windows). That means if you share your link and someone visits but doesn’t purchase right then, you’ll still get a 10% commission up to 90 days afterwards if they go back and make the purchase at a later date—even if they don’t use the same URL that you originally shared! Pretty sweet right?

Who is eligible to join? 

So, is this an exclusive thing only to people with thousands of followers? Guess again, just like HAPARI is designed with swimwear inclusivity in mind, so is our Ambassador Program. Everyone is welcome to join. We’re opening our ambassador program up to our entire HAPARI community. If you want to share your love for HAPARI, we want you! 

Besides being an easy way to earn extra cash, we’ll also share our Ambassador’s posts via our own HAPARI social networks as well—which we’re really proud to have grown to over 419K followers on Facebook and 53K followers on Instagram! We’re also new to TikTok and quickly growing our audience there. So, join us, follow us, and interact with us to earn extra cash!

Have questions about the Ambassador Program? Reach out to our HAPARI team at:

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