With the start of November and leading up to Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we're kicking off the HAPARI Gratitude Challenge. Every day through the month of November, we’re challenging you, and ourselves, to think of three different things each day that we’re grateful for. In doing so, we’ll all be strengthening our gratitude muscles and reinforcing positive thinking throughout the day. Ready to join the challenge? Read more about it below!

The science behind gratitude

Last year as the world was in lockdown from Covid-19, people began trying to find activities and hobbies to keep them occupied. From learning how to make artisan breads to at-home cycling classes to incessant online shopping, people were desperate to find an outlet to be happy during the incredibly difficult time. One of the cultural phenomena that happened at this time is the popularity of a free online course by Yale university called, “The Science of Well-Being.” The class has been taken by so many students, it’s the most popular class in the history of Yale and is now offered online to anyone who wants to take it, not just Yale students.

One of the key lessons from the course was that gratitude and happiness are cultivated and practiced skills. Our brains are trained to see negative issues and to dwell on them. In order to change that mindset, we have to actively retrain our brain to see the good and to focus on the positive experiences in life.

Our gratitude challenge will be one way you can train your brain to remember and focus on positive moments. The more we actively and consistently focus on the positive, the happier and more grateful we’ll be. 

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

What are the rules?

Okay, now that you know the reason why gratitude is so important, let’s set the ground rules for the HAPARI Gratitude Challenge. The rules really are quite simple:

  1. Think of 3 different and new things to be grateful for each day.
  2. You must think of new things each day and can’t repeat from previous days.

The goal here is to push yourself to think of three different and new things to be grateful for each day. We want you to dig deeper than surface level gratitude, which is why we added the second rule; you must think of new things each day and they can’t repeat from previous days. It’s easy to be thankful for the most important and obvious things, but what small or unexpected things can you be thankful for each day? By pushing yourself to continually think of new things, you’ll be pushing yourself to look around and notice things you maybe hadn’t before.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are clear: after 30 days of training yourself to be grateful, you’ll develop a habit of gratitude and shift your brain to start focusing on positive aspects of your life and away from negative. Hopefully that will make you feel happier in your day-to-day life. Sounds pretty great, right?

Photo by Kamaji Ogino from Pexels

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