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Attention ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this week marks the end of July. It means our beloved summer is quickly fading into fall, school days, and football games. While the prospect of having the kids back in school may be exciting (it’s hard entertaining the kiddos during the summer, right?!), we still have one month left to make the most of summer break. Now is the perfect time to check in with your kids and reflect on the fun activities you’ve done as a family. With one month left, it’s also a great time to start checking the remaining summer to-do’s off your summer bucket list.

To help you make the most of your last month of summer, we’ve created HAPARI’s Last Days of Summer Bucket List. This list will give you a jump-start on some fun, summer ideas to make your last month of summer memorable!

Last Days of Summer Bucket List

Ride Bikes

Take the kiddos out for a family bike ride! It’s a great way to encourage exercise while creating fun, lasting memories with your family. If you have little one’s who don’t know how to ride a bike yet, why not teach them? It’s the perfect time!

Family Riding Bicycles

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My little family hasn’t gone swimming yet this summer, can you believe that?! It’s crazy how busy days fill up in the summer. It’s our goal to hit the swimming pool at least once before school starts. If you’re fam is like mine and hasn’t gone yet either, it’s time to make sure you go!

Family Swimming Underwater

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Amusement Parks

Get to the amusement park this summer! If you have a local amusement park consider yourself lucky! If not, why not plan a short weekend road trip? Your kids will love it.

Amusement Park

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Ahhhh! Breathe in some fresh, mountain air for a quick change of scenery and a day well spent. Not only are your kids enjoying the great outdoors, they’ll learn to appreciate the wonderful world we live in.

Couple Hiking a Mountain

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Snow Cones

Snow cones = summer. The iced syrup drinks are a summer favorite. One of the cool trends this year is making your own snow cone inside of fruit! Scoop out a pineapple, add ice, syrup flavoring and you’re good to go for a delicious fruity drink. Adults - try adding a shot of vodka to your drink! ;)

Girl Holding a Snow Cone

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Farmers Markets

Local farmers markets are a great place to get organic, reasonably-priced fruits and veggies. Plan to make it to one this summer and support local business.

Kids in a Farmer Market

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Movies in the Park

Many local communities offer free movies in the park in the summer. They play family-friendly movies on big screens and families are invited to bring a picnic and watch. Don’t have one in your community? Create your own in your backyard! Invite family and friends over for a summer movie night.

People Watching a Movie in the Park

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This is a personal summer must-do for my family! We love the outdoors and haven’t had a chance to camp yet. Try planning an overnight campout with the family. It can be cheap too - bring your own dinners, pack a tent, and you’re good for the night.

Friends Camping

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Outdoor Concert

Picture this: the sun is setting, music is blasting, and you’re dancing the night away. Do those days seem light years away? Why not get a sitter one night for the kids and have a real date night with your main squeeze?

People at an Outdoor Concert

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Back-to-School Shopping

The dreaded back-to-school shopping is just around the corner. It’s so soon you can expect to see ads out this coming weekend. Get a jump start on the shopping with last-minute summer sales!

Girl Holding Shopping Bags

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