Kids Swimming in a Pool

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Here’s the sad, cold, hard truth: summer is coming to an end. While we mentally prepare to bid farewell to hot days, long nights, and all things relating to shaved ice, make the most out of the few weeks of summer you have left. September’s creeping in with Fall closing in right behind it. To help you and your kiddos enjoy the last days of summer, we’re going to show you how to swim like a pro (or at least fake like you can!)

Today’s blog post features the 5 Types of swim strokes. You may be familiar with swim strokes like the Breaststroke and the Backstroke but do you know the other three popular swim strokes? Keep reading to find out or test your skills!

5 Types Of Swim Strokes


The backstroke is one of the most popular and common swim strokes. It’s often the first thing kids learn when they’re learning to swim for the first time. To do the backstroke right, you’ll need to move onto your back in a horizontal, parallel position with the water. Keep your lungs above the air and kick your legs to propel yourself through the water.

Men Backstroke Swimming

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The breaststroke is a popular swim style. The stroke itself is modeled after a frog kick; start with your knees bent then push them straight while simultaneously swinging your arms into half-circular motion starting from the breast bone and ending back at the same position. This powerful explosion of movement will move your body forward in the water. To do the stoke correctly, keep your body straight between strokes and maintain a straight head position (i.e. don’t kink the neck to look at the end of the pool).

MMichael Phelps Breaststroke Swimming

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The butterfly stroke is one of the most strenuous swim strokes and many people find it difficult to execute correctly. The stroke starts by pulling both arms under the water and then thrusting them out of the water and over the head. The feet stay together, moving in two ‘kicks’ per every one arm stroke. The general movement resembles that of a dolphin. The butterfly stroke requires a strong core to maintain the straight body position.

Kid Swimming Butterfly Style

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Front Crawl aka Freestyle Stroke

The front crawl stroke or freestyle is the most commonly used swim stroke amongst experienced swimmers. It’s the swim style that propels the body through the water the fastest; making it a popular style for speed. To do the freestyle, kick your feet hard through the water and swing one arm over head at a time. Make sure to time your breaths, turning your hear up for air every few strokes.

Kid Swimming Freestyle

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The sidestroke is not used in competitive swimming but is an important style to learn because it only requires one arm to create movement. The sidestroke is used most commonly in rescues where one might be pulling someone else to safety. Remember this tip when doing the sidestroke - pick an apple! Think of it like extending your arm to pick and apple then pulling it down by your waist into an imaginary basket. Your legs will create a scissor kick perpendicular to the bottom of the pool.

Men Swimming Sidestroke

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HAPARI readers, go forth and conquer your last days of summer! Challenge you and your family to perfect these 5 swim strokes. Can your kids tell the difference between the breast stroke and the butterfly? Help them learn by testing their swim skills with these 5 Types of swim strokes. For more posts like this, check out the Hapari blog. We’re like your favorite lifestyle blog but better - mostly because we follow the Hapari code of great quality and content. See you there!

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