Get Hapari Fit

Ready to kick your health into full gear?! So are we! Let’s take our New Year’s fitness resolutions to the max and kick some booty! To prepare for gym sessions, yoga classes, and upcoming 5Ks, we’re highlighting the new HAPARI Fit line of activewear, specifically our insanely cool line of leggings that we call our FIT Pant.

Ready to have ‘Leggings for Days’?! Check it out!

Women Wearing Hapari Eclipse Fit Bra and Leggings and White Eclipse Fit Jacket

Active Prints

When we started creating the prints for our new activewear line, we wanted to make sure our designs emitted energy. We wanted prints that inspired YOU to get up and move, to feel awake and full of life! Our ‘Eclipse’ print fully encapsulates this active energy; with bright pops of blue surrounded by black in our traditional print or white in our ‘White Eclipse’. These new designs highlight the active lifestyle of a #HAPARIgirl!

Along with ‘Eclipse’, we also offer leggings in a traditional black print. Why? Because black leggings go with everything - to the gym, in place of pants (um, yes!), as lounge wear, to run errands, on runs, to yoga class - the list of possibilities for solid black leggings is endless. Add HAPARI’s high quality PerformanceFIT™ Fabric (that means no see through issues like other brands) and you’ve got the winning combination for the best pair of leggings you’ll ever own. Seriously!

Capri-Length Leggings

Our FIT Pant comes in two different lengths to accommodate your active lifestyle, capri and full length. The capri leggings hit mid-calf and give you much needed airflow and breathability for warmer activities like hot yoga and indoor gym sessions. Check out our capri offerings below!

Women Posing Wearing Hapari Black Capri Leggings and Eclipse Capri Leggings

Full-Length Leggings

The full-length leggings are a personal favorite of mine! These leggings hit the ankle right above your tennis shoes. Ideal for cooler weather and all outdoor recreation, the full-length leggings are great at adding coverage and warmth to your workout routine.

Women Posing Wearing Hapari Eclipse Leggings and Black  Leggings

For more posts like this, check out the HAPARI Blog. We’re like your favorite lifestyle blog, but better - mostly because we follow the HAPARI code of creating quality content you want to read. See you there!

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