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It’s said that music makes the world go round, and we couldn’t agree more with this ideology. At Hapari, we love listening to music; all genres, in fact. Everything from Country to Rock to Rap to Oldies, it all makes our hearts swoon. And keeps our office jammin'!

Music can even help people focus, relax and be more productive. An article published by the BBC News says music can also help in the workplace.  “73 percent of warehouse workers say they are more productive when good background music is being played; 65 percent of businesses say music in the workplace makes us more productive, and one in five say they would lose business if they didn't play music.”

In celebration of all things music, we’re sharing our favorite musicians and songs through our Hapari music playlist for September. Listen to the entire playlist with Spotify or scroll down for each individual video!  Check out these amazing singers and let us know your favorites. Share your playlist faves in our comments section.


1. Sam Smith

Sam Smith is an immensely talented singer. This male equivalent to the beloved Adele, belts out love ballads that make your heart wrench. Do yourself a favor and listen to Stay With Me from his latest album In the Lonely Hour. Really, the entire album is fantastic, so give the whole thing a listen!

2. Haim

This sister group rocks songs with a powerful punch. They’re songs are catchy, angst-y and girl-power-esque. They’re a great group to listen to while running or when you need that afternoon pick me up. Did someone say office dance party? Here’s one of our favorite songs apptly titled, The Wire. Check it out!

3. Passenger

My husband and I were on a trip to Ireland when we first discovered this UK artist. It was love at first listen, truly. We’ve been listening to Passenger’s crooning tunes ever since. Give this song a listen:

4. Kate Nash

Another musician from the UK, this musician’s songs blend folk-like instruments and heartfelt lyrics to create beautiful pieces. One of my favorites is Nicest Thing from Kate’s Album Made of Bricks.

5. Matt Corby

An Australian lad, Matt Corby’s vocals are as good as his charmingly boyish looks. His music hits on deep topics like the aftermath of drug addiction. Check out Resolution to get a full idea of this amazing artist’s range:

6. Sia

Sia’s latest hit Chandelier stars one of the young dancers from the popular Lifetime TV series Dance Moms. Some who have followed Sia’s career, may not like the more ‘mainstream pop’ avenue her latest song hits. Her hit Breathe Me from 2012 was on of the biggest hits of the year. Take a listen and see if you remember this great song:

7. Johnny Keyser

Johnny Keyser is an American Idol alum who reminds us that really good, soulful R&B, is hard to beat. His music shines with pure talent and wide vocal range. Check out From Where I Stand:

8. Gin Wigmore

Gin Wigmore reminds us of a raspy-voiced bandit on the loose. She’s a strong, sassy, singer who sings songs that are just as catchy as they are authentic. She rocks out and performs with so much soul you can’t help but dance along. Listen to Black Sheep for a sampling of Gin’s talents:

9. Rudimental

A blend of techno, pop, and strong vocals, Rudimental creates beautifully blended songs with great tempos. Their song Waiting All Night, and really the rest of their songs, make for the perfect music to listen to while enjoying a late evening surrounded by good friends.

10. Ariana Grande

Okay, this pop princess may be a bit of a shocker to be included on our Hapari Playlist, but have you heard her vocals? This girl can SING. She reminds us of old school Mariah Carey and that, ladies and gentlemen, is true talent. Listen to Break Free to hear Ariana belt some tunes:

11. Mary Lambert

Secrets by Mary Lambert is a song we heard in spin class and can't get enough! The song has been pre-released from her Heart On My Sleeves album Mary has been described as a mix of Adele, Tori Amos and James Blake.

We hope you’ve loved listening to our Hapari music playlist for September. Let us know if you have any songs you’d like to share with our community and add to future playlists.

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