Looking to add some laughs to your life this April Fool’s Day? Then look no further my friend. At HAPARI, we love April Fool’s Day! It’s a day to have a little fun and prankl your coworkers, friends or family. As the saying goes, no harm no foul, right? Just make sure you’re pranking a loved one who’ll find the humor in the day.

Need some clever ideas? Check out our list of the top (harmless, yet hilarious) April Fools Day Pranks. Your loved ones can thank us later. ;)

Add Color to Your Smile

Brighten up the day of your loved one, quite literally, with this April Fool’s Day Joke. We call it ‘Food Coloring + Toothbrush’. Add a few drops of food coloring to your victims toothbrush, and viola stained teeth that will automatically brighten their teeth up! Looking for a less obvious prank? Try some tooth numbing gel instead. Like we said before, make sure whomever you’re pranking is a good sport about it and prepare for retaliation.

Woman Putting Food Coloring on a Toothbrush

(Image via Lady Craft A Lot)

Knock, Knock, Who’s There? A Gooey Surprise!

Excuse the title of this prank - we thought it was too funny not to include. This prank is a perfect and harmless trick for the office. Simply add a glob of vaseline under your office door knob. When people attempt to enter they’re in for a sticky surprise. Once they find out it’s just  Vaseline, they’ll be sure to think this prank is hilarious!


(Image via Kids World)

Confetti Party in the Office

Try this prank for a fun and festive April Fool’s Day. Carefully place confetti on the top of fan blades at the office. Wait for an unsuspecting victim to turn on the fan… and viola! Bright colorful confetti will (literally) rain down on the office. Be prepared to clean it up though!

Confetti Falling Down

(Image via Flutterfetti)

Backpack Prank Your Kids Will Love

This harmless and fun prank is one your kids will think is hilarious. It may even score you extra Mom/Dad points for creativity. Simply turn their backpacks and lunch boxes inside out before they wake up for school. Rearrange everything in it’s rightful (yet inside-out) place. Your kids will think this is truly the funniest thing to ever happen.

Person Opening a Bagpack

(Image via Wiki How)

Hair Gel Swap-a-roo

Our last prank may leave your victim feeling a bit sticky! Replace soap dispensers in the house or office with hair gel. Victims won’t even notice the difference until they feel a sticky residue on their hands. After you’ve had your fun, be sure to switch back the dispensers to regular soap, and tell your victim!

Hand Soap

(Image via Shop Green 11)

That concludes our list of April Fool’s Day jokes. Remember to be safe and have fun with your pranks! Note: HAPARI is not responsible for any injury or harm that may occur as a result from these April Fool’s Day prank ideas.

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