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Congratulations new mamas to-be out there! If you’re expecting a little one you’ve got a lot of new and exciting things happening in your life. One of the last things you should have to worry about is finding a swimsuit that will look great on you as your baby starts to grow. At HAPARI, we’ve got you covered — we make swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes and in all stages of life. In this special time of your life, we have the perfect swimwear pieces that will make you look and feel like the beautiful pregnant woman that you are!

Dress the Baby Bump With these Top Maternity Swimsuit Picks

Blouson Tankini Top

One of our best-selling swimsuit tops of all time is our Blouson Tankini swim top. This top is designed to have a bloused silhouette allowing extra fabric in the center of the top to help create a slim silhouette. This top is great for pregnant women as the stretchy, UltraSoft™ fabric expands comfortably with you as your baby bump progresses. The Blouson Tankini top also features a soft halter-top neckline to allow for maximum comfort and support. A thick 3-inch waistband keeps the top securely, and comfortably, in place. For soon-to-be mamas out there, this is the number one swim piece you need to have. You’ll love wearing it to the beach, pool, and even to the gym!

Women Posing Wearing Hapari Blouson Tankini Top

Adjustable Bandeau Tankini Top and Swim Dress

As your body changes during pregnancy you may find that you want more coverage in your swimsuits than you’ve had in the past. The adjustable-length Seaside Bandeau Tankini Top is a great option to allow you to add more coverage when you want it. This adjustable top can be worn tankini-style or lengthened with adjustable drawstrings on the side of the top to be worn as a swim dress. The style also offers the option of removing straps for a strapless look or keeping them on to be worn halter, tank, or criss-cross style. For pregnant women looking for a versatile swim outfit, the adjustable Seaside Bandeau Tankini top and swim dress is it!

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Adjustable-length Seaside Bandeau Tankini Top

Rash Guards

Everyone should be aware of sun damage and work to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays. For pregnant women this is especially important as the skin can become more sensitive during pregnancy and burn more easily. UV rays have also been linked to birth deficiencies like decreased levels of folic acid which can lead to serious health risks for the baby.

To protect yourself and your baby from sun damage add a HAPARI rash guard to your swimwear attire. At HAPARI, we’ve created an entire line of rash guards to keep you protected from the sun. From long sleeved crop style rash guards to short sleeve tank-style rash guards, we have a rash guard that’s both stylish and protective you’ll love. Mix and match rash guards with other HAPARI swim tops and bottoms for a unique swim look you’ll love!

Women Posing Wearing  Hapari Rash Gards

Swim Skirts, Skirted Bottoms & Wraps

Our HAPARI Swim Skirts, Skirted Bottoms, and Sarong Wraps are perfect for pregnant women as they offer added coverage and comfort. Each of these swim bottom styles offers unique value adds that will appeal to soon-to-be mama’s in different ways.

Swim Skirts provide a full coverage, longer length option. These swim skirts are available in two styles sassy (as shown below) or in a straight style. Mix and match with any of our swimwear tops for the perfect look.

Skirted bottoms offer adjustable drawstring bottoms to create the perfect length ideal for your body shape. Pull the side strings tighter for a shorter look or elongate them to add wear with more coverage.

Sarong wraps are a customer favorite. These wraps can easily be worn with any swimsuit; bikini, tankini, one-piece, it all looks great! Simply tie the sheer wrap around your waist for a stylish, fashionable look at the beach. Take on or off easily as you get in and out of the water. For pregnant women with growing bellies, these wraps are because they can be worn as your belly grows.

Women Posing Wearing  Hapari Swim Skirts

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