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Hello - I am JoEllen!

I am a wife, a mother to 4 littles, a lover of simplicity, a finder of beauty, a full-time world traveler, and a HAPARI contributor. All of these things make me happy!

Contributor and Her Family

One thing I absolutely love is traveling…but I haven’t always!

It wasn’t until I stepped outside of my comfort zone that I really came to appreciate and love visiting new places and learning about different cultures. It all started when our family of 6 wanted to have an overseas experience. We felt strongly impressed to move our family to New Zealand. And so we downsized and packed up and moved from our comfortably beautiful life in Arizona to a whole new world of unknown. We lived in the gorgeous country of New Zealand for 2 years and we toured that island from top to bottom. We loved adventuring on the weekends and working during the week. We made amazing friendships, marveled at the beauty, and grew in ways we never knew we could. We loved being in another country so much that we wanted to see more of the world. And so we took a dream and made it a realty! We stepped outside of our comfort zone once again, sold all of our things, and became a full-time traveling family. My husband works remotely and I blog and have a makeup business online as well. We are living a simpler, but more meaningful life. Traveling has been full of enriching and priceless experiences. And my HAPARI swimsuits are traveling right along with me!

Contributor Wearing Classic Bandeau Tankini Top and White Boy Short Bottoms

Featuring: Classic Bandeau Tankini // Boy Short Bottoms

I have been wearing HAPARI swimsuits for years!

Once I found their brand, I haven’t looked back. Since I’m a busy mom and love beauty & simplicity, Hapari swimsuits are just the perfect fit for me! I don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. The swimsuits are extremely well made, comfortable, and stylish. I can have my cake and eat it too! So, when the opportunity arose for me to become a HAPARI contributor, I was thrilled! I love representing something I stand behind 100%. And I love sharing beautiful things that I love. Since we only have 4 suitcases and a backpack each as we travel, space is limited. So I had to choose very wisely what I packed in my wardrobe capsule. You better believe that my HAPARI swimsuits were the first things I tossed into my bag!

Not only do I love visiting beautiful places, but I also love helping women find their beauty and teaching them to see the beauty in their life. The online world is a wonderful thing where we can uplift and teach each other from anywhere in the world. And that’s how I have been able to teach women beauty basics, how to find their own unique beauty, and how to be confident in their skin. We are only given one body, so learn to love it and embrace it! Every woman is beautiful, but not every woman knows and believes it. Let’s change that!

Contributor and Her Family Walking on the Beach

I’m excited to share my journey and beauty findings around the world with you! Take a seat and come along!

JoEllen is a lover of HAPARI and world traveler who is  full time exploring the world with her husband and 4 kids. Follow her journey here on the HAPARI blog or on her blog, I am JoEllen.

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