Women Posing Wearing Hapari Maillot One Piece Bathing Suits in Assorted Colors

The first time I heard the term Maillot was…. yesterday. Not going to lie, it was yesterday, and I was pronouncing it mail-lot like the American gal that I am. A quick Google search showed me the errors of my ways. ‘Maillot’ is a French word pronounced my-o, it rhymes with such words like ago, although, bandeau, etc. Thanks Merriam-Webster for the info. ;)

What Is A Maillot One-Piece Swimsuit?

So, what is this beauteous French word? It’s the original term for a one-piece bathing suit. Although, today the term is almost interchangeable for ‘one-piece.’ The original definition described swimsuits that generally consisted of tank-style torsos with high cut legs. The term was first used in the 1920s to describe form-fitting, one-piece suits made of stretch, jersey fabric.

Vintage Picture of Women Running on the Beach

Image via Star-SpangledHeart.Blogspot.com

Fashion powerhouse Vogue magazine recently ran an article about the classic, universally-flattering silhouette, calling it “conservative and functional… the maillot is the perfect piece to wear sans cover-up or tunic.” In other words, the maillot is a one stop shop for beach wear. Forget the wraps or board shorts. Try the maillot!

Maillot Bathing Suit

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Hapari is the queen of the maillot one-piece swimsuits (self proclaimed, but hey, our suits are pretty great.) We’re known for our flattering shapes and classic silhouettes, so the maillot makes perfect sense for our aesthetic. And, when it comes to doing it right, Hapari, does the maillot right.

Check out our maillot suits, available in fresh colors and fun patterns, and rock one of the most classic swimsuit silhouettes this summer!

Model Wearing Hapari Maillot One Piece Bathing Suit in Black

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