Little Girl Giving a Kiss to Her Mom

There are a lot of Hapari fans out there who are moms. It makes sense, really, because Hapari was founded by two moms who thought women looking for swimmer shouldn’t have to sacrifice style just to find a good, comfortable fit at a reasonable price. But this particular blog post isn’t about swimwear. It’s Mother’s Day, so it’s all about moms!

Mom and Son Hugging

To kids, moms have magical superpowers. They can heal an “ouchie" with a soft kiss. They can dry tears with a gentle hug. They know just how to make you smile when you’re sad. As we grow into adults and start families of our own, that magic never really goes away. Moms are there every step of the way to guide us when we’re lost, to reassure us when we doubt, and to love us without question until her last breath.

Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on all the good things she brought to you life. To remember all the lessons she taught you. And to say thank you for shaping you into the person you’ve become.

I was encouraged this weekend, scrolling through my Facebook feed. It was fun to read all the thank yous, the funny anecdotes and the sentimental stories about moms who showed courage and strength, who exercised patience, who made us laugh and who sacrificed so much. It was proof. Moms really are superheros.

Of the many, many lessons my mother taught me, I look back and can’t help but think that the most important was about unconditional love. I was around the age of four or five and was in trouble for something — probably for antagonizing my younger sister or not finishing my chores or just general orneriness. Whatever my crime, I was disciplined accordingly. And I remember feeling just devastated, because, in my 5-year-old head, mom being angry meant she didn’t love me. Of course, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Upon revealing my devastation, she sat me down and, through my tears, explained that she would always love me — no matter if she was angry or upset with me. It was the first example I can remember of my mother’s unconditional love. What a revelation!

I owe a lot to my mom. She’s shown me how to be strong, how to sacrifice and how to be resilient. But of the many, many things she’s taught me — from important to inconsequential — the one I treasure most is how to love unconditionally. Superhero indeed.

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