Dripping Nail Polish in Assorted Colors

Oh, hello, November! You’re such a beauty; you come with all things pumpkin, warm sweaters, and lots of delicious seasonal recipes. Sometimes you’re a mix of calm fall weather and other times you like to ferociously scream ‘SNOW,’ to make sure we take you seriously. Don’t worry, dear November, you’re a beloved month to be sure. And, whether we celebrate you by recognizing " Movember" as an actual thing (you know, mustaches + November) or simply bask in the glory that is Thanksgiving, you’re a month to be remembered.

At Hapari, we’re celebrating November by highlighting our favorite nail colors for Fall. Truly, what could be more symbolic than wearing the perfect shade of plum on our nails to ring in the holiday spirit? Not much, that’s for sure!

So, without further ado, read on to

Learn about the best on-trend nail colors for Fall

Manicured Hand Holding  a  Navy Nail Polish


One of our favorite new colors this season is navy! This deep blue color was all over the runways in Fall fashion week, most notably in the Dior shows. This rich, dark color complements fall clothing perfectly - whether you’re rocking your leather jacket or black booties, this color will leave a subtle pop on at your finger tips.

Manicured Hand Holding  a Plum Nail Polish


Oh, plum, how I adore thee. With subtle hints or purpley goodness mixed with beloved red, this shade is one you’ll definitely want to try through the holidays. If your go-to polish is classic red, you’ll love this clever twist on a classic. Pairs well with autumn colors, think mustard yellows, olive greens and dark browns.

Manicured Hand Holding  a Nude Color Nail Polish


Meet classic nude. It’s called a classic because, well, it’s color that works all year long; and Fall, is no exception. Nude nail polish is perfect for a subtle yet refined hint of color on your nails. Afraid of looking gaudy? Try this classic color first. You may have just met your nail polish match made in heaven!

Manicured Hand Holding  a Brown Nail Polish


Not going to lie here, brown is not the first color I envision when I think of getting a beautiful manicure. With that said, the browns on-trend for fall/winter 2014 are stunning. They’re unexpected and work like a new twist on a neutral. They’re what gray nail polish was for 2013. The new ‘it’ color, and one I’ll definitely be trying this season!

Manicured Hand Holding  a  Red Nail Polish


Another twist on a classic, the blood red color is the perfect look for fall. With all the variables in ‘red’ nail polish (think cherry red, pink, coral, salmon), the blood red is the ideal shade for the cooler months. With it’s dark undertones it emits a mysterious and sultry feel for the nails. If you’re looking to try a classic twist to fall nail polish, try the blood red this season

With so many different nail polishes to try, there’s sure to be a color that’s perfect for your fall celebrations. After all, November is worth a little something special.

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