New York Fashion Week

We love, love, love New York Fashion Week! Afterall we’re in the business of fashion — swimwear fashion, but fashion nonetheless. We love perusing through designer collections, checking out the immaculate quality and artsmanship that goes into each piece. Fashion is art;  it’s an interpretation of the world, a unique view point, a voice for the masses. And let’s not forget to mention how swoon-worthy some of the designs are — from elegant to rugged and everything in between.

At HAPARI, we strive to create swimwear that’s fashion and art! Our swimwear designs and prints are inspired by women, culture and art. We love the female body and work to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. Creating swimwear for women helps us magnify your voice and message to the world.

You might be asking, ‘can swimwear really do that?’ You betcha! Just like the perfect-fitting shoe or dress can boost your confidence and make you feel differently. So, too, can the perfect-fitting swimsuit. That’s why we love fashion and why we love HAPARI.

Scroll down to check out our favorite fashion trends from the runway!

2015 is All About Volume

That’s right, from feathers to tassels to added sheer fabric, a major fashion trend from New York Fashion Week is volume. It appears today's fashion is stepping away from the ‘skinny’ pants to add various new dimensions in sizing for Spring; think embellished skirt hems and long draped blouses that add natural movement to looks. While the idea of feathers and tassels may sound garish, most of the added ‘volume’ is done very minimalistically. Look for a new tankini this spring from HAPARI that will add some volume to our swimwear line! Check out a few of our favorite ‘volume’ looks:

Models on the Runway

(Image courtesy Harpars Bazaar)

Say Hello to Pants

Another trend for 2015 is the pant. Now, pants themselves are not a new trend, it’s the styles this year that are catching our attention. Like the volume trend, there’s a move to add room in pants as well. Think roomy denim, baggy culottes (have no idea what these are?! keep readin’), and pant/skirt combos.

A closer look at the culottes shows that while these pants are similar to capris, they’ve definitely got a new shape. Somewhere between men’s inspired long shorts and peddle pushers, you’ll find the culottes!

Models Wearing Roomy Pants

(Image courtesy Galmour)

New Textiles for 2015

Our last trend for 2015 is color and print. The 2015 pantone color of the year may be Marsala, a rich, earthy wine-red color, but the color of New York Fashion week was yellow. The bright tone was found in plenty of shows and in varying shades. We also saw quite a few picnic-inspired gingham prints (think black and white checkered looks.) Yellow and gingham prints combined with the use of suede, rounds out our top textiles for Spring 2015. Check out the looks below!

Models on the Runway

Tell us, are you loving the fashion trends from NYFW? What looks will inspire you for Spring? We’d love to hear from you.

(Image courtesy Christian Siriano)

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