Man Wearing an Apple Watch

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A few weeks ago, Apple launched its highly anticipated Apple Watch, a device that literally straps technology on to your body. Now you can stay connected any where and everywhere you go! This notion of staying connected 24/7 is changing the way we communicate; from the most popular apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to the apps the youngin’s are using like Vine and Snapchat, we’re connecting with each other more and more through a digital sphere.

Today, we’re highlighting our   Top 5 Apps - from moving photos to our favorite health apps - to help you stay connected!


Man Holding and Iphone

Phhhoto was designed as a way to create instant GIF’s, this photo app is becoming the next big thing on Instagram. The app takes 4 photos in a row, allowing users to move in each one and then strings the photos together. It’s an easy, fun, and new way to add movement to your social profile.

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HeadSpace App


The positive effects of meditation are becoming more apparent the faster our social pace turns. This app takes you through guided meditation practices so you can take 5, 10 or 30 minutes out of your day to refocus, recharge and reenergize.

(Image via Headspace)


In search of an online yard sale? Look no further than Vinted, an online resource to buy and sell vintage or used clothing, shoes, and accessories. The app is a great resource for teens and young adults who may grow out of clothes and styles frequently. Let your kids make some extra dough and learn about business with this free app.

Vinted App

(Image via La Rue Moderne)


Dubsmash App

You may have seen this hilarious videos popping up on your social feeds for a while now. Dubsmash lets you create lip-sync videos to famous sound clips. Everyone from your best friend to your fave celebrity has been dubbing themselves. It’s easy, fun, and makes for a great laugh!

(Image via Chupamobile)


They say there’s an app for everything, and they’re right! Evernote is a free app that helps you categorize, organize and share ideas easily. The app essentially lets you create electronic notebooks that you can share and collaborate with coworkers, friends, or family. It’s great for small businesses looking to assign tasks to employees or connect with coworkers from around the world.

Evernote App

(Image via Edudemic)

While the idea of our world moving towards a constantly virtual realm is a little unnerving, it’s also really exciting. Our daily life and tasks are becoming easier and more efficient.

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