Women Posing Wearing Hapari Ruffle Bandeau Bikini, Twist Tankini and Twist Bikini in Emerald Green

Ruffle Bandeau Bikini, Twist Tankini & Twist Bikini in Emerald Green are coming soon!

What do we love? We love style. We love grace. And we LOVE adding a little spice to our traditional weekend.

Thanks to the fearless fashionistas that inspire us to wear neons and brights with denim on denim, we feel ever so inspired to think about how we too can take a more traditional wardrobe staple and make it new again. We are obsessed with color this season and Emerald is one of THE colors to write home about. The best part is that Emerald looks great on everyone and is easy to accessorize with either bold statement pieces, like a chunky, turquoise necklace or something as simple as gold bangles and cute pair of stud earrings. Don't think you can pull off such a powerful color? We know you can! Just follow the fashion and buy the style that adds flavor to your fit and wear it with your head held high! This is why we are digging our new emerald suits for the season. In a variety of fits, this color brings out the inner confidence in such a way we just had to share them early...that's right, they are on their way!

These suits are coming soon! Be the first to show your confidence in this stunning new swimwear from Hapari! We honestly love this color and plan on rocking our wayfarer sunglasses, some chunky wedges and a long gold necklace to the sandy shores this season.

Not only does this color favor blondes and brunettes alike, but it can work for all skin tones and is uniquely you every time you put it on. Emerald is a power color. It exudes confidence without care, but lends itself to almost any other color as a compliment or dominant piece in your wardrobe. Shouldn’t we see ourselves with such beauty? With such style and influence you are the color of the season and you are the trend this summer. How will you spice up your life (and wardrobe!) and exude confidence when you lose the cover-up, hit the surf and let your true colors shine...

Here's to one #HotHapariSummer ;)

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