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Between juggling school, extracurricular activities, and other work life obligations, you may already be looking forward to your next vacation. We know we sure are! This time of year can be exhausting, but don’t you worry, we’ve curated a list of the best tropical getaways to help you plan your dream vacation. Today, we’re sharing 5 of the coolest Tropical Getaways.

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Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is an incredibly gorgeous state! If you’ve never been, make this tropical getaway the first priority on your list. Of all the islands that comprise Hawaii, Maui is our favorite tropical getaway. From Maui you can take adventure travel to the next level; one day you can watch whales breach off the coast of Lahaina and the next you’ll be standing amongst the clouds at the top of Maui’s well-known Haleakala peak. There are more waterfalls along the main highway on the island than you can count. And, the beaches of Maui have repeatedly been voted the best in the world according to GoHawaii, a website dedicated to sharing the beauty of Hawaii with tourists.

Ready to plan your dream vacation to Maui? Make sure to bring your HAPARI suit with you! We’ve even curated our matching suits with each of our top getaways.

Woman Swimming in a Maui Waterfall Image: Trip Advisor

HAPARI Suit: Maui Palms Slimming Tankini Top and Black Swim Bottoms

While you’re adventuring through all the wonders of Maui, the Maui Palms Slimming Tankini will keep you covered, cool, and fashionable. This suit was designed using the beautiful Hawaiian island in mind. In fact, the fabric design emulates the lush tropical landscape of Maui’s rainforests. Like all our HAPARI swimsuits, the Slimming Tankini is made from durable, long-lasting fabric designed to stay snuggly in place and hold it’s shape all day.

Woman Posing Poolside Wearing Hapari Maui Palms Slimming Tankini

Tulum, Mexico

The small city of Tulum has been inundated with publicity in recent years as celebrities have increasingly vacationed there; and for good reason, the place is a slice of paradise on Earth. It’s a stunning coastal beach town that was the among the last towns to be built by the Mayans. Along with gorgeous white sand beaches, Tulum offers incredibly preserved artifacts from the Mayans. The city was walled off for a number of years before it was discovered and opened to the public. Head over to this beautiful tropical getaway just south of the border!

People Vacationing on a Beach at Tulum, Mexico Image: Trip Advisor

HAPARI Suit: Whitsunday Midkini Tank Top and Black Swim Bottoms

Want a suit that matches perfectly with Tulum’s white sand beaches? The Whitsunday Midkini Tank Top and matching black swim bottoms are the perfect swim pick for Tulum! This suit features HAPARI’s new Midkini style tank top, an adaption from the on-trend, popular crop tops of the season. Rock your midkini tank while sipping a cold drink on one of Tulum’s many popular resort beaches.

Woman Posing Poolside Wearing Hapari Whitsunday Midkini Tank Top and Black Swim Bottoms

El Nido, Philippines

For people looking to explore Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a must-go destination. The country actually consists of over 7,000 islands of varying size. The country’s capital, Manila is located along the famously-known waterfront promenade. With clear turquoise water and average temperatures of 75 degrees, the Philippines is a beach-lover’s paradise. Besides being incredibly picturesque, the island has many fun attractions like scuba diving to sunken cemeteries, visiting the enchanted Hinatuan river, or climbing the famous Chocolate Hills. Image: International Travel Magazine

People on a Boat Visiting Hinatuan River Image: International Travel Magazine

HAPARI Suit: Crew Twist Bikini Top and Navy Swim Skirt

The Twist Bikini Top and matching Navy Swim Skirt are the perfect swim combo to explore the stunning oasis of the Philippines. The gorgeous suit is as flattering as it is comfortable. The twist bikini top is designed to provide maximum support and coverage while still accenting your silhouette. From boat rides to snorkeling trips, this suit is the perfect look for a trip to the Philippines

Woman Posing Poolside Wearing Hapari Crew Twist Bikini Top and Navy Swim Skirt

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, much like the U.S. Virgin Islands, are caribbean islands governed under British sovereignty. The islands are primarily known for their robust coral reefs that surround Peter Island. The destination is largely used as a relaxing resort and yachting experience. Peter Island in particular is a must-see destination, especially for Brits who have easy access to the exclusive island. The island has many well-known resorts that offer picturesque views and the height of relaxation. Image: Luxuria Vacations

Lounge Chairs Facing the Ocean Image: Luxuria Vacations

HAPARI Suit: Black Slimming Tankini Top and Black Swim Bottoms

For the British Islands you’ll want to wear a suit that’s as classy and timeless as Queen Elizabeth herself. Our Slimming Tankini Top in Black and matching bikini swim bottoms should do just the trick! This suit’s carefully designed silhouette and specific fabric characteristics enhance your natural curves and create a slimmed waist line. You’ll look and feel fantastic in this tankini suit!

Woman Posing Poolside Wearing Hapari Black Slimming Tankini Top and Black Swim Bottoms

Caribbean Island: Jamaica

The stunning caribbean island of Jamaica rounds out our top tropical getaways list. This destination has the perfect mix of relaxation offerings and adventuring. For a family that has a hard time deciding how to spend their vacation, this is the place for you! From stunning beaches to a rowdy nightlife scene to incredible zip lines and exploring, Jamaica has it all. It’s also the birthplace of reggae music, so be sure to listen to some authentic reggae music while you’re there! Image: National Geographic

People on Bamboo Boats Enjoying Jamaica's Ecotourism Image: National Geographic

HAPARI Suit: Corsica Push-Up Tankini Top and Navy Swim Bottoms

The Corsica Push-Up Tankini Top and Navy Swim Bottoms are the perfect combination to wear as you travel throughout the Jamaican island. This suit’s design infuses the bright, bold foliage and cultural attire found in the island. The tankini’s built-in push-up top helps enhance your curves. You’ll feel sexy, confident, and ready to hit the beach in this suit!

Woman Posing Poolside Wearing Hapari Corsica Push-Up Tankini Top and Navy Swim Bottoms

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