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Are You Ready To Feel Happier

Create a Morning Routine

A key contributing factor to unhappiness is feelings of anxiety, stress, and disorganization. One of the best ways to combat these feelings is to create routines and habits in your life that help you to feel your best. For me, creating a morning routine helps me start the day feeling accomplished, energized, and ready to tackle the day ahead. Without a morning routine, I feel rushed and cranky; I end up running late, barely getting to work on time, and already feeling the stress in my shoulders. Create a morning routine that gives you enough time to do things you enjoy to start the day. This helps you maintain feelings of ownership over your own time. For me, I enjoy starting the day with a workout, it helps me wake up and feel energized. After, I make myself a healthy, yummy breakfast, shower, and get ready. I like to watch the news or listen to my favorite playlists. Having this time to myself, helps me feel calm and ready to have a great day.

And, for mama’s out there with babies, a morning routine is even more important! Getting the minis on a steady routine will help them know what to expect and prevent frustration tantrums. If you don’t already have a routine, make a list of how you’d like to start the morning and try it!

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Practice Daily Gratitude and Positive Self Talk

Life can be hard, dang it! No one claimed it would be easy; but, it’s also the most beautiful gift we’ve been given and completely and totally worth it. Surround yourself with positive energy. No matter what cards you’ve been dealt, take a few minutes each day to practice daily gratitude.

As women, we’re bombarded with messages that encourage us to feel bad about ourselves. Even if we aren’t always aware of it, this constant barrage of negative messaging can take a toll on our psyche. It’s up to us to build ourselves up, we can’t rely on others to do this for us. Each day practice positive self talk to feel happier, lighter, and brighter!

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Take a walk

Recently someone told me how much they loved walking. Really… walking?! How can anyone love walking?! Isn’t it just a means to an end? Nope! I was wrong. This person told me they loved walking because it was almost meditative for them. They walked for 2-3 miles a day and had time to clear their mind, enjoy the outdoors, and relax. I decided to give it a try, and I’m hooked! Taking the time to walk, even if just for a few minutes, not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but it can also give your brain some much needed time to relax, daydream, meditate, and recharge.

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Do something for someone else

We’ve all heard the adage before that helping others helps me more than it helps you. It’s true! Part of being a happy, healthy person is taking our attention away from the ego and placing it on external interests. Make it a goal to do nice and caring something for someone else daily. By helping others, you’ll take yourself out of your own headspace and into someone else’s. This helps build feelings of community and sense of purpose, both of which lead to happier feelings.

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30 Minutes of Bliss Daily

As humans, we need to have time to decompress from the pressures and stresses in our lives. I’m a strong advocate for carving out time daily to do your bliss; whatever that may be. Do what you LOVE to do. Do what you WANT to do. Whether it’s reading a book, playing a video game, learning a new skill, cooking a new recipe… whatever. Give yourself 30 minutes to do your bliss.

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That’s it HAPARI ladies! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these tips for creating daily habits to build a happier you. Try them out and let us know what you think!

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