Kathie Lee Gifford Sitting on a Chair Lifted by Four Older Men There are many reasons to love getting older! TODAY celebrates KLG's 60th on live TV!

Are there reasons to love getting older? Absolutely. We certainly know that with age comes many rewards like lower car insurance rates and discounts at movie theaters, but there are many other reasons we sometimes need reminded of when we come to a new milestone in our life. A recent celebrity birthday has shown us that during 60 years of life, you have the chance to touch the lives of so many, which is why we are thankful for the TODAY show's focus on Kathie Lee Gifford's birthday this week. Although we love to see the joy's of Kathie Lee's life, the more important aspect of this segment was to remind each of us at how getting older is wonderful and should be celebrated for so many reasons.

As someone who also is a pro at getting older, I reflect on the important years of my life that have led to today and all the people that I've met along the way. Can you recall a crucial year for you in taking the road less traveled? How about meeting your significant other for the first time? What about going back further in time to your childhood crush or your senior prom? There are moments in life that you may not even realize that had impact on others, which is why life is so special. We do the best we can and without even knowing it you create smiles, kindness and memories for those around you.

Sometimes though we can feel as though life has gone by too quickly. The years rush by and soon they're gone, which is why we've created a list of things that are here to remind you that no matter the quantity of years, it's the quality that counts! Just incase you've forgotten, here are some of the amazing lessons you've learned over the years to make getting older seem more like a reward and less of a time stamp.

Reasons to Love Getting Older

1. Knowing who you are, but continuing to evolve.

2. Realizing the value of temperance. Enjoying the "now" because it goes by so quickly.

3. Not being afraid to be weird because you don't care what other people may think.

5. Being able to make better decisions because you've lived through some not so great ones in the past.

6. Confidence is abundant in our clothes, our point of views and our walk.

7. Our spirituality changes...we focus on things that are rewarding for our soul more than our wallets.

8. We slow down in a way that let's us appreciate the moment.

9. We are able to be more generous with our time, our money and our love.

10. We have loved and lost which let's us care deeper than ever for those in our lives.

What can you add to this list to make it complete?

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