People Christmas Shopping Inside a Mall Holiday Shopping in Summer?

Retailers make shopping easy pretty much all year round, but why is this year any different? Retailers have finally caught on that the economy is still down without signs of improvement in the foreseeable future and with every holiday season being a mad dash for money, savings, gifts and more there has to be something they can do to make sure they meet their numbers while parents meet the expectations of their children for their favorite toys. The logic is to offer holiday pricing now, no interest layaway programs and bring back the principles of yesteryear's retail market. Companies like Kmart have already brought back layaway for the back to school season and anticipate the holiday time period to skyrocket as parents are being forced to spread out the spree over the course of a couple months to make sure they are left with smiling

children come Christmas morning.

Walmart recently announced it will drop it's $5 layaway fee and Toys-R-Us also let us know that they will expand the price match guarantee to include online retail prices. With many of us pinching pennies, it's important to know who to trust and where to spend your dollars! This isn't just for the kiddies, decorations are already on shelves of Michael's and Costco if you can believe it. The prices are reasonable and their tactics are the go-to place for that first and important spending for the holidays and ensure a sale! 40% of holiday shoppers claim to begin their shopping before Halloween! Let's not forget Black Friday. Many retailers now offer almost the same amazing deals leading up to the unofficial holiday because they don't want to lose those crucial sales or alienate online shoppers from venturing out on a day so notorious for pushing, shoving and early morning rush hours. Retailers make shopping easy by simply listening to our requests and finally catching on to our desire to save and plan!

TODAY Show Features Holiday Shopping Hype

TODAY Show Features Holiday Shopping Hype!

Wow, I wish I had that type of planning strategy! Usually my hands are filled with gift cards on Christmas Eve and I'm saying some choice words under my breath while standing in a line a mile long. I also never seem to have a full stomach or an empty bladder at these times. Ahhhhhh, the holidays. Gotta love 'em!

But, now that we know we can successfully avoid the chaos, here are some great sites to browse today that offer great insider advice on where and when sales are happening and the best retailers for layaway and saver programs!

Sears - Looking for layaway? Sears has a great program and due to their wide variety of products you can you'll surely find the right gift for almost anyone here! -  Sign up for an account and start saving! Be careful on what you buy here - some are amazing deals and others are almost average. Regardless the discounts start rolling in just in time for pre-holiday season rush!

Best Buy - Low price guarantees for those who love technology! You don't have to be a geek to find something amazing at this store and they continuously meet our expectations in quality of service, low product prices and a great assortment!